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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.03.08


Sam saves Jake... Is this redemption for all that's happened in the past? It looks like that's the intent as Jason puts his son in further danger with guns blazin' and causing the cabin where Jake is being held to explode. When he thinks his son is caught in the burning building, here comes Sam with Jake safe in her arms.

Jason tells Elizabeth all the gory details. He wants her to know just how close they came to losing their son. The feds interview the foursome regarding all the mobtacular activity that surrounded Jake's kidnapping. Elizabeth and Jason call it quits. Jason tells Spinelli he's lost everything. RUMORS say he tells the Jackal he lost the only family he ever wanted.

The feds... aka Mark Pinter when he checks in as Agent Rayner have questions and Sam tries to take the heat off of Jason. She's not lying, she tells the truth that she worked for Karpov and the Russians could have been/were looking for her.

Before all this... Elizabeth leaves Cam with Patrick and the RUMORS have her confronting Sasha. What could Sasha say that sticks in Elizabeth's head? Will it be along the same lines as what Jason will be telling her? Do the Russians know who Jake's father is? If they do know, wouldn't Elizabeth and the boys be safer under Jason's protection? After Elizabeth gets a smack in on Sasha, she heads to her to Studio to release her frustrations by trashing it.

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Still seeing RUMORS that LuSam take a big leap in their relationship. Some say it's moving in together, others say they are getting engaged. Is Sam too much of an adrenaline junkie for Lucky? There are also RUMORS out there that Lucky ditches Sam a few times to go to Elizabeth when she needs him. Remember, Elizabeth is going to have a tough time with RUMORED nightmares and dealing with the fact that she killed someone.

Robert's coming back to town to meet his granddaughter and give his daughter's hand in marriage. It looks like we'll get some nice Scorpio family moments as they bond over Baby Emma. RUMORS have Matt and Maxie serving as godparents.

More Nadine silliness... Nikolas is SUPPOSED to be heading to see her to help with whatever crisis she has. Remember, the Prince is milking a cow. With Nikolas working with Carly to take down Jax, expect more ridiculous jealousy from Nadine.

Jerry... Who will he be messing with? RUMORS have him sending Claudia a message. Could it be about Michael's shooting? Remember those OLD RUMORS about Sam's penthouse being blown up? Those are making the rounds again.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Will Robert and Luke reunite? Some are saying yes. Wally Kurth heading back to Port Charles? RUMORS say he will next year. Jason tells Sonny he would not advise starting a mob war with him. Is Patrick going to be in the mob storyline? Another Re-Do, GH Style: There is a RUMOR out there that Johnny takes a job in a garage. Kate rings up Sonny's son.