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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A Sonny and Carly free day. Woohoo!

Oh look. Tracy and Luke are in a bar somewhere in the southern hemisphere. She wants a divorce and he’s determined to change her mind. Where have I seen that before? Oh right, HERE, less than a month ago. It was tiresome then, it’s tiresome now. Is there really nothing, NOTHING else they can write for these two?

I like Nadine, but good lord that whole thing with the cousin (with a toothpick in his mouth no less) and the uncle (in overalls no less) and the whole hillbilly “we’s simple folk” is just bordering on the absolute most ridiculous of silly ever. I felt bad for both Tyler Christopher and Claire Coffee. You know it’s bad when I actually look forward to the mob part of the episode.

Anybody else laugh when Lucky had Liz go through mug shots book? Why would the PCPD have a book full of Russians who’ve only been here for a month or less? And just how many Russians are there? They’re like cockroaches, kill a couple and there’s still more out there.

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Jason/Sam: Eh. Once again Jason will rescue whoever needs to be rescued. Just once, I would have liked to see Lucky be the one to save the day.

Maxie: Love her showing up to help Robin, even if it was only to sit in the living room with the baby while Robin showered. Love Maxie’s mock horror at Robin in sweatpants. Cute Spinelli/Emma interaction. Loved the Matt/Patrick scenes. Love (with an eyeroll) how skinny Robin is already.