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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.04.08


Claudia shows some compassion? Say it isn't so? RUMORS have the Mafia Princess showing some real emotion when she hears that Jake Spencer has been kidnapped by the Russian mobsters. What else is Claudia up to? Trying to bed her husband and ripping into her brother's girlfriend. Too bad Johnny hears all Claudia has to say to Lulu. Another wedge between Johnny and his family?

Does Sam pull away? RUMORS have Sam pulling away when Lucky kisses his girlfriend. Is this all a lead up to a LuSam break-up? I know, I'm confusing you all as there are RUMORS about LuSam making some forward progress in their relationship, a rarity on General Hospital. I think what will see is some progress with LuSam, maybe even one of those commitments we've been dishing on but as usual with GH, what goes up must come down. Don't be surprised if we see Lucky and Sam breaking up.

The ABC Cuts... With the news that ABC Daytime is issuing cuts across the board what does this mean for General Hospital? There is plenty of GOSSIP and SPECULATION making the rounds. Don't be shocked if some faves are written out as well as some vets being placed on recurring status. We know Sarah Brown re-signed for another year. We're still waiting on the official confirmation that Maurice Benard is sticking around and there are a few GH stars with contracts coming up in 2009. If you toss in the RUMORS about certain returns, something has to give somewhere.

We heard a RUMOR that Natalia Livingston had been spotted at the GH studios. This RUMOR said she was reading for a new part and would not be returning as Emily Quartermaine. The LATEST? Well there are two "theories" floating around so we're going to do a SPOILER or FANFIC, you be the judge.

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Theory #1: That a new Bowen comes to Port Charles and she looks a lot like Emily. (Recently, Natalia got a new do. She went dark and cut her hair into a sleek bob.) This "theory" has the Quartermaines embracing this newbie because of her resemblance to their beloved Em.

Theory #2:
Natty returns as a Russian mobster's daughter. No!? Another Mob story? The thought never crossed my mind (insert sarcasm here). Unfortunately, this "theory" seems to have the most story potential and would be the easiest way to make this new character Emily Quartermaine. Here are my two cents, IF Natty returns, I want her to be Emily. I don't care if there is some identity crisis, but I am not a fan of an actor returning as a new character and the fans are just supposed to accept it. Claudia has been the exception to my rule. Although, at first it bothered me, she's grown on me. Still hate the concept. So back to my two pennies... I could get behind this if the story unfolds as Helena playing a part in Emily's "death" and shipping her off to one of her Russian mobster friends. Emily has amnesia, thinks she's really the daughter of a mobster and the latest haps with all the Russian mobbies has Emily returning to Port Charles. While I am not encouraging yet another mob storyline, this way, in my opinion, has the most story potential. It lets Guza write for his beloved mobsters and gives the Quartermaines a meaty storyline. However, IF this happens (remember, it's a RUMOR) and Guza plays up Sonny & Company and the Quartermaines play second fiddle, I will be pissed.

While we're talking about Russian mobsters... Who's Sasha taking her orders from? Is it Jerry?

Tristan Rogers returns on December 22nd. Robin's Pops is back in town for her wedding re-do and despite RUMORS that Luke and Robert would be mixing it up, it doesn't appear to be happening. According to Tristan, he's on for four episodes.

Sonny & Jason... or better known as Guza's greatest pairing ever. Will they ever be what they once were? RUMORS say Jason doesn't think they can get back what they once shared.

More Nikolas and Nadine silliness. Nikolas agrees to honor Aunt Raylene's wishes, but he doesn't need the MOC when his lawyers come through. Sasha has a proposition for Jason. Is this the "deal of lifetime" we were talking about in the comments yesterday? Some ASSUME it's Agent Rayner offering Jason a deal. Luke and Tracy's marriage is in the cards.