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The Salem Slayer

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Forgive me for my righteous indignation but the mere thought of Melanie (Molly Burnett) donating anything, as Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) suggested getting tested for today, to Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), whether it be an organ, blood or a bad cold is like hearing someone scratch a chalkboard but visually.


Sure, pairing a newbie like Molly Burnett with an Emmy winning veteran like Suzanne Rogers and then having Melanie donate anything to Kate is a tried and true soap formula. In fact it's pretty darn dear close to what All My Children did with Babe but in a different type of storyline. Problem is, Molly Burnett doesn't have an ounce of the personal appeal, charisma or talent that Alexa Havins did, which allowed the viewer to hate the character but like and/or respect the actress.

The character of Melanie is quite literally becoming the character that ate Salem alive. Truth be told she should be called The Salem Slayer because that's what she's doing, slashing, hatcheting and stabbing her way through every storyline and scene with a bloody gusto unmatched by even the Saw movie franchise.

I understand that Corday has to slash costs at Days of Our Lives and in an era of budget cuts and sinking ratings I understand that hard decisions must be made. Deidre Hall and Drake Hogysten are the foundation of Days of Our Lives and their loss could very well be Salem's undoing, but from a purely budgetary standpoint I could almost understand their firing if they have been offered the opportunity to take a pay cut or leave and they refused, but reportedly they were not even given the dignity of such an option.

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I understand the theory of beefing up the cast with cheap teens and bringing in a host of out-of-work actors from other canceled NBC soaps, and I even understand trying to steal viewers like they did earlier this year by bringing in Tamara Braun to fill the gaping black hole left by the absence of the big four. I understand the theory.

What I do not understand is the execution.

Why bring an awful character like Melanie, loosely tied to the cast by an adopted Brady, when the return of Abby portrayed by a talented actress could be gangbusters and pull on history?

Why introduce a pointless villain like Trent when Stefano, Victor, Kate, Phillip, Sami, Nicole, EJ and Phillip are all being written out of character or badly?

Why hire Galen Gering, Eric Martsolf, Sandra Ferguson and John Callahan right before announcing the biggest firing in recent memory as well as the departure of other popular stars and then burden these new actors with the black cloud of fan anger and bad press?

In all, the decisions being made at Days of Our Lives are as confounding as the "evidence" of proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Earlier I said that Melanie was the Salem Slayer. I was wrong. Ken Corday is The Salem Slayer, Melanie is just one of his swords.