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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Shocking revelations are finally coming out on The Young and the Restless!


Adam: He's stunned after Heather arrives at the airport.

Michael: He's crushed after learning that River isn't who he thought he was.

Neil: Mr. Winters has a tough decision to make.

Chloe/Billy/Lily: Chloe and Lily have a heated argument about Lily staying away from Cane. Chloe takes a header off a ladder and is taken to the hospital where she finds out that the baby is going to be alright. Billy finds out about the incident and heads off to the hospital. When Chloe is asked how many weeks she is, Chloe stalls before she gives an answer which Billy notices. Billy decides to seek out the nurse and hustles her into getting the info on when Chloe's due date is, which leads  to him realizing he's really the father of her baby.

Blown away by the truth, Billy  confesses all to Jack. Big brother tells Billy  he has to take stock of the situation and decide on what is the best thing for him to do. Later , Billy bumps into Lily, who discusses her own pregnancy and how Cane stepped up to the plate and was ready to take on the role of dotting dad. Lily shares that Cane is going to be a great father to Chloe's kid. Billy  decides she's right; Cane will be a better dad to Chloe's baby than he would ever be, so he opts to keep mum on the true paternity.

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Nick/Phyllis: When Nick views the latest cover of Restless Style, he figures out that Phyllis was in Paris. When Nick confronts her she finally spill all to him, she saw Nick and Sharon kiss. Nick tries to explain things by saying  he and Sharon were simply caught up in re-living old memories of Cassie when they kissed. Nick attempts to smooth things over by saying  he and Sharon knew the kiss was wrong and that's why it was stopped. Phyllis is in for a shock when she asks Nick who broke off the kiss first. When her hubby hesitates she deduces that Sharon did.

Nick lets Phyllis know  Sharon did stop the kiss but it was a second before he would have done so. Nick assures Phyllis t he loves HER and only HER which Phyllis buys. Phyllis then bumps into Jack who promptly tells her the little ploy to torpedo his marriage failed. Jack and Sharon are doing fine. Phyllis decides to fill Jack in  about the kiss Nick and Sharon shared in Paris.... The logic behind her revelation? Phyllis wants Jack and Sharon to work on their marriage so this type of thing won't happen again.

Gloria: It appears that the rumor which I posted three months ago, and then again last week  has come true. The moment all Y&R fans, minus Luke, have been waiting for is upon us... Gloria is outed as the Glo Again by Jabot Cream contaminator! Gloria's downfall is set in motion,  when she decides to do right by Michael and revoke her false testimony about River's part in the deadly bank bombing. Jeffery tells Gloria if she decides to recant her testimony that, he'll turn her in for the face cream debacle. Gloria tries to call Jeff's bluff and decides to help her Michael and River... Big mistake!

When River is released, Gloria is unable to contact Jeffery. The Baldwin/Fisher gang are celebrating River's freedom, save for Gloria, who is anxious about Jeffrey not returning her calls. Gloria's burden is finally lifted concerning River, but when she finally hears news about  her current husband, her elation turns quickly to dispair. Gloria learns Jeffrey is in the hospital due to an alergic reaction. At first Gloria thinks its due to something he ate and decides she's going to care for her man, however, she's in for the surprise of her life, when she gets to the hospital and sees horrendous burns on his face that are all too familiar...

When asked by the doctor on how he got the burns, Jeffery tells him that it was due to using Gloria's moisturizer! Gloria then realizes that Jeffery wasn't spewing idle threats about testifying for River...

The doctor wants to test the cream, which Jeffery hands with glee.  Gloria is powerless to do anything. After the doctor leaves with the cream, Gloria freaks out and asks Jeffery why he is doing this to her. Jeff goads Gloria to come clean and admit what she did.  Gloria tells Bardwell she'll say anything that his heart desires. She admits to tampering with the  GloAgain cream and then starts to probe Jeff  about where he's hidden the wire she's convinced he's wearing. Jeff just stares at Gloria in sielnce, allowing her to momentarily think he will continue to keep her secret, then BOOM!  The police pull the curtain away and tell Gloria they heard her confession and promptly arrest her! A fuming Gloria swears Jeffrey framed her as she is taken off to jail.

Jack: Smilin' ain't smilin' when he finds out what Gloria did to the Jabot cream.. He promises to destroy Gloria.