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Tristan Rogers Talks Daytime Recession

Tristan Rogers has taken to his keyboard once again and this time he's giving his take on what we've been talking about here at Daytime Confidential, the recession that is hitting Daytime TV.


Right now Daytime has probably been hit the hardest with budget and salary cuts and the firing of front line artists. But again we haven’t seen the end of it. In a genre that already has a question mark over its existence, anything that creates a ripple, in reality creates a wave. What to do about it?

There’s no easy answer. Well there is, but the industry doesn’t want an easy answer. The industry wants an answer based on focus groups and demographics and statistic sheets, DVR impact, ratings analysis, Lead ins, audience trending, key benchmarks…… AHHH someone stop me.

Be sure to check out Tristan's entire blog. That Robert Scorpio is not just a Super Spy but a Smart Cookie too.

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