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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.05.08


It looks like it's a light SCOOP day.... Q & A Day! Fire in with the questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

I dropped this in the comments yesterday:
SO,,,, conflicting reports. In an Interview, Tristan Rogers said he was only on for 4 days and that he's back in town for Robin's wedding. Something along the lines that old relationships would have to wait for his next trip into PC. NOW, some are saying once again that Luke and Robert do share the screen. Here's the thing, I am the first person to warn that the mags don't always get it right either and that there is this little thing called spin that publicists get paid for. HOWEVER, Tristan is usually a pretty stand up guy so I don't seeing him giving false info in an interview. IF this is his attempt at dodging the question because he can't talk about it, it wasn't that great. No Offense Tristan, I still think you're the greatest. Also in that interview, Rogers said the show had not approached him to return after this limited run.

I mentioned on Weds that under the RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS that Patrick MAY be involved in a mob storyline. The LATEST? RUMORS say Patrick comes upon a stabbed Olivia who refuses to let him take her to the hospital. Instead, Olivia asks Dr. Drake to take her to Sonny's where he is SAID to patch Olivia up.

The Ratings Game... Are certain pairings happening because TPTB think it will boost the ratings? We've talked about the possible Jasam reunion as Frons' plan to get ratings. Are Sonny and Claudia another part of the plan?

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How does Clic fit in? They don't. Claudia and Ric may take one final trip to mattress land but it SHOULD be ending. Just another reason for Ric to hate his brother. Is this the storyline that had Rick Hearst signing on the dotted line? RUMORS say that this will have Ric more determined to take his brother down and while he's teaming up with ZaCrazy, they might as well take down Jason too.

What will happen with Lucky and Sam?
A surprise fan favortie that MAY not make it. We SHOULD be seeing more references to Sam's need for adventure being brought up and Lucky's disapproval of Sam always putting herself in danger. Ummmm, isn't Lucky a Spencer? Who knows adventure better than a Spencer?

Spixie vs. M&M... Who are you rooting for? Matt's screentime has been scarce and I like that the little boost Jason Cook is getting is developing his relationship with his brother. But we all know Cook was brought on to recapture the magic he and Kirsten Storms had on Days of Our Lives. We SHOULD be seeing more of Matt and Maxie in each other's orbit. There is a RUMOR that they will serve as Emma's godparents and I am still seeing that Maxie will start to have an attraction to Dr. Hunter, one that does not go unnoticed by Spinelli.


What happened to those Elizabeth and Matt RUMORS? They still pop up every now and then and we MAY be seeing one of them happening soon. Elizabeth is encouraged to move on and this is where that date with Matt MAY come into play. IF the date happens, RUMORS say that both Matt and Elizabeth admit to being attracted to other people. Will Maxie get a little green over Matt taking Elizabeth out on a date? That's a RUMOR out there and Spinelli MAY be a little upset over Maxie's reaction to the date. How will Jason react when Spin tells him his latest woes?


Jax...Ingo Rademacher SHOULD be going on a vacay soon. Remember he said he'd be around through the holidays when talk about his contract started popping up in September. RUMOR has it that after ending things with Carly once and for all, Jax MAY once again take off in search of Jerry. It appears Ingo has re-signed with GH for another year. I can't get the link right now but it looks like Ingo and the family are heading to Hawaii for the holidays but we won't miss him onscreen.

Maxie's moving out.
Will she be Lulu's roommate?

Elizabeth moving on. Will she attempt to move out of town? That's a RUMOR out there. Have no fear Liz fans, it looks like IF this one is true, something stops her.