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Should Jason and Liz Forgive Sam on General Hospital?

This post is really a moot point, considering Brian Frons has alleged spoken and a JaSam reunion is inevitable, but pretending just for a second that we live in a bizarro world where The Powers That Be at General Hospital actually cared about what their fans, think like the people behind The Young and the Restless, who are proving it every day, I have to ask the question, with Sam (Kelly Monaco) set to rescue Baby Jake Spencermaine, should Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) ever forgive her for what she did to them and their son before?


Sam stood by and watched a mentally unstable woman kidnap Jake, the child of a man she claimed to love. She later hired armed thugs to terrorize Elizabeth and her sons in the park, endangering the lives of not only the woman she loathed, but two innocent children. Now, however, with Sam once again about to save the day in Port Charles, it is clearly obvious TPTB are hoping this will allow for an easy redemption for the character.

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Those who support Sam would argue she was driven to her desperate actions by Liz's consistent presence in Jason's lfe. They firmly believe Liz sat out to come between Jason and Sam, that every forgotten scarf was a calculated move to drive a wedge between their favorite couple. They would go on to say learning that Jason fathered a child with another woman was too much for Sam to bear. She had lost Lila, the baby daughter she planned to raise with Jason, and later forfeited the ability to conceive another child when she was shot in the uterus due to Jason's mob activities. Many Sam fans believe this is why she succumbed to some form of temporary, rage-induced insanity.

Sam lovers would also point out calculated, plot-driven moves they feel were implemented to discredit their heroine. They believe, TPTB wrote Sam into a corner on purpose to prop up Liason, much like Liason fans feel the GH show runners purposefully prevent LIason from every having a true shot at a front burner love story. So the question is, speaking strictly storyline, should Jason and/or Liz forgive Sam for the past, because of what she does for their son in the present?