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Steve Burton: "Real Love Doesn't Just Evaporate and Disappear."

In this week's Soap Opera Digest cover story concerning the break up of the closest thing General Hospital has had to a supercouple in years, Liason, Jason Morgan himself Steve Burton talks about his character ending things with Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and how long until JaSam fans can rejoice, while Liason fans ready our barf bags due to the Brian Frons-mandated reunion of Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco).  Here's what Burton had to say:


You knew it would come to this, but this is a guy who just lost the closest thing to his family, so right now, rekindling anything or starting something new with anyone is a ridiculous question because there's got to ge a mourning period. What kind of moron would he look like if he asked out Sam a week later [laughs]? Just like real life, real love doesn't just evaoprate and disappear."

In other word, our boy is still fighting the good fight for Liason!

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