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Take Heart Liason Fans, Eventually All Roads Lead Back to Liz!!!

I know my fellow Liason lovers are probably dressed in sack cloth today, watching You Tube clips of our spectacular, amazing, soaptastic supercouple who are being viciously torn asunder due to ABC Daytime focus group foolishness, but until Brian Frons sees something that gets him excited againt at One Rapemance to Live or All Ryan Lavery's Thongs (Maybe Fronsie-Pie plans to bringDrake Hogestyn andDeidre Hall over as Beth Ehler's parents and order them to arrive during a CGI-Tsunami?) and our couple is given a fair shot, I figured I would post this to give us hope.

If Jason and Liz's love can survive Steve Burton's Backstreet Boy haircut— complete with frosted tips— and Becky Herbst's spiral perm, it can survive anything, anything I tell you, even Frons and her Royal Highness, The Queen of Crotch Crickets–Sam McCall! Clip courtesy of Liasontruelove!

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