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The Bold and The Beautiful: Karma for Brooke?

While the spotlight shone on Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) as she spewed greatness on her knight in tarnished armor Ridge (Ronn Moss), I could not help but notice the girl in the background from the catering company. Her eyes shifted and she tried not to show any emotion, but I wondered what was really going on in that head of hers. Was she thinking that she should have taken her dog out before she left for work, or was it about an upcoming blind date, or was it about how to steal Ridge away from his soon-to-be-new-wife of a millionaire heir to a world reknown fashion house?

Scoff if you will, but that's just how our 'lil Brookie started out. The sly girl from the Valley eyed up ol' Ridge like he was first prize at the meat market during his engagement party to Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson). She schemed with Ridge's brother Thorne to break them up. Brooke hid a letter from Caroline to Ridge and when Caroline found out, she forced Brooke out of the picture by threatening to tell Ridge. Caroline eventually married Ridge, which left Brooke to work on another Forrester: Big Daddy Eric.


How karmic would it be for Brooke to have to deal with a money grubbing, gold digging cocktail waitress? I'm sure Stephanie would get a kick out of it, or maybe not. She's probably too tired to spend another two decades fighting off Brooke's Mini-Me.

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