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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, welcome to another Weekly Preview from Denial Island. I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with the garbage Days of Our Lives is dishing up week in, week out; honestly, even scenes between EJ and Stefano aren’t enough to entice me *tries not to turn this into a rant* Ok, so my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to only write positive things about this week’s episodes (December 8-12). Hmm… could be a short preview. Alright, here goes nothing and just remember, I make no promises. Oh, and don't get too mad at me all you Nicole lovers out there.


I never thought I’d say this, but I hate Stefano! AGH! My normally second favorite DiMera has turned on me; he encourages EJ to make things official with Nicole. WHY?? Oh well, when he finds out about the whole lying, scheming ‘fake pregnancy’ garbage, hopefully he and EJ will go all DiMera on her a*&.... Wouldn’t that be the nicest Christmas present ever?? Ok, ok, I know there are a few Nicole fans out there, so (*crosses fingers*) I apologize, and I’ve just realized that I’ve broken my pact to be positive already. Well you didn’t really think I was going to stick to that, did you?

Like the good Daddy’s boy he has suddenly become, EJ decides to heed his father’s words and make things official with Nicole. He calls Sami and says “Goodbye Samantha, I’m now shacking up with your mortal enemy Nicole, hope you have a lovely Christmas”, which is sure to get Sami in the Yuletide spirit. Well, you got what you asked for Sami, but hey, it’s not all bad, you’ve still got a hot FBI agent watching you 24/7. Speaking of said FBI agent, I’m sure it’s not in his job description, but he and Sami trim the Christmas tree before Sami convinces him to go out and do some Christmas shopping for her. Don’t do it Rafe! Spotted by the Mayor’s hitman, Rafe gets stabbed. He makes it back to the safe house without being followed, but is plagued by feelings of inadequacy since the Killer knows who is now. Stupid, stupid Rafe! Just goes to show, the Salem PD are not the only ones who are in need of re-training.

Nicole’s week is a series of one-liners cos I can’t be bothered giving them more thought: Nicole decides she wants to adopt. Brady wants Nicole to tell the truth. She refuses. He threatens to expose her. She almost drugs him to shut him up, but changes her mind at the last second. She tells him she almost drugged him. He goes ballistic. She goes ballistic back. Nicole goes home to DiMansion where EJ tells her he’s spoken with Sami. Nicole goes ballistic again. EJ tells her he loves her and not Sami. Nicole decides to continue searching for a surrogate. Blah blah blah. Bored now.

Chloe and Lucas share some nice scenes this week before she spends more time with Daniel at the hospital. Now that she’s a match for Kate (still can’t quite get my head around that one, but what’s new), she’s spending more time with Dr McHottie and the sparks are a'flyin. They both try and deny it, but we all know that wont last long. She’s so hot under the collar that her rising blood pressure almost stops her from donating the marrow. Luckily she gets herself under control and the procedure goes ahead.

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Over at Titan, Melanie’s first day doesn’t go so well, thanks to Stephanie. Melanie retaliates by locking Stephanie into a safe, except she doesn’t realize Philip is in there with her. Way to go Melanie, that'll show her! When the door opens, Melanie sees Philip and Stephanie almost kiss – but Melanie thinks they have, and so off she runs to big bro Max to tattle. He wants to know why she hasn’t been to see Nick yet (remember him?). Meanwhile, Philip does ask Steph out, but she says no, she needs to sort something out first. Chelsea convinces Max not to throw out the box Trent left him… ooh excitement much with the young'uns?

Marlena has a bit of a shock when she discovers Dr Taylor is moving into the office next door and sharing her waiting area. Why is this a problem? Well, she can hear noises coming from Dr Taylor’s rooms, especially when Jawn’s having his session. Is there some hanky panky going on? Not likely, but the laughter Marlena hears unsettles her. Then when she asks Jawn about it, he’s not forthcoming with the details. Marlena lays her troubles on Kayla, who tells her she sounds jealous. Hmm, jealous that Jawn wont tell her what’s going on, or jealous that this new therapist seems to be helping Jawn when she couldn’t…Meanwhile, Jawn runs into Dr Taylor later on, and tells her he trusts her. Uh oh Marlena, watch out!

Last but not least, Hope and Bo discuss their busy schedules (didn’t Kayla and Steve have this discussion last week?) and Hope thinks one of them should quit. Since Bo just got the Police Commissioner’s job, I’m betting he’s not volunteering. However, whilst putting up Christmas decorations, Bo falls off the ladder and hits his head, becoming unconscious. Now if this was leading to him having to take time off and Hope becoming Police Commissioner, I’d be all excited. As it is, I’ve seen the spoilers and instead, let’s just say we no longer need Celeste. You following me?

Special Guest Appearance:

Tony! LOL He questions Stefano over his apparent grooming of EJ to take over the family business (what happened to *channels High School Musical* ‘we’re all in this together’ EJ, huh?)

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the Days forum at TV Fan Online

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Is it obvious to anyone that I've stopped watching the show? Btw, I don't hate Arianne Zucker, and my constant nagging at the Days of Nicole's Lives is just in frustration of the constant Nicole pimping. Truth be told, I'd probably like her more if she would just get out of my EJ's orbit!