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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.08.08


Maxie saves Lulu's job? I like it when the ladies team up for the greater good but Maxie and Lulu could be one of those great soap rivalries Luke is always talking about. It APPEARS though, that after Carly wins round one at the Crimson Party, Maxie goes to bat for Lulu.... what are they? Friends or Frienemies?

Why is Olivia the stabbing victim? She's lurking while Sasha's on a call. Olivia lurks alot these days. Remember, Patrick gets into the mob activity by taking Olivia to Sonny's and patching her up.

More retaliation? Sonny now needs to avenge Olivia. But it's ok, Jake will be saved before that so it's all good. Go ahead Sonny, make your move against the Russians, you don't need to worry about your best friend's son.

Sam puts herself in more danger. But hey, it's ok, it's all in the name of Frons' reunion plan. Jason forgives all Sam's past transgressions after saving Jake. Adventure gal Sam needs another adrenaline boost and goes looking for more dirt on the Russians. When she learns they're still trying to take out Jason, she hides in a van the Russians are driving. Alexis and Sam will share some scenes coming up.

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Alexis vs. Sasha? Lawyer to lawyer, Alexis tells Sasha she knows what's up and Sasha will go down.

Scrubs Wedding... Will Matt be the Best Man this time around? Is Robert in remission?


Elizabeth... She'll have a hard time after Jake's returned. RUMORS say she'll refuse to leave her house and the first time she does will be for the GH Christmas party.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Another dream-type episode? It looks like that MAY be coming with Sam in the leading role. IF it happens, Sam dreams while she's trapped in a pit. Jason fires Spinelli? Say it isn't so!  Sam re-injures her hip.

Our boy Jamey is right... What we'll be seeing is a Frons dictacted General Hospital. Not just in regards to Sam but across the board, Frons is RUMORED to be calling the shots.

On-set Rivalry? Are you hoping for some juicy backstage SCOOP? It's not all that scandalous.... but it will be Greg Vaughn as the Texas fan up against my fellow Buckeyes, Steve Burton, The Cheetwood Brothers and Tyler Christopher when Texas and Ohio State meet up at the Fiesta Bowl on January 5, 2009. GO BUCKS!