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DC #332: ABC Brendabot or Kung Fu Barbie

Note: This ABC episode is our post Thanksgiving episode. Due to Luke being ill there was a delay in his ability to edit and post it. Normal episodes resume tomorrow.


On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Tina and Jamey discuss the special Scrubs' Thanksgiving episode, including the Stuart Damon sighting. Sarah Brown renews her contract with General Hospital. Is Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) turning into Kung Fu Barbie or is she just the best of the Brendabots?

One Life to Live's ratings beat General Hospital with no help from CGI. Victor Lord's Tomb moves.

Jamey suggests that we need to play the opposite game with All My Children and is loving Crazy Annie.

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Tina, Luke and Jamey discuss Betty White's recent appearance on a Boston Legal episode that was entirely about TV target demographics.

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