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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Wow, how smart of Jason to start shooting, guns blazing, in a building that contains the unknown whereabouts of his son. Also, has Sam heard of seat belts? Because, she should have had one around her and Jake when she was in the car.

Having said that, baby Jake is adorable. Loved that he kept saying no to everything KeMo was saying to him.

Nice speech Liz made to Lucky about knowing Jason’s a criminal, but how quickly will she forget she said it? Because these writers can’t give her that awareness and then take it back when they want to reprise Liason.

Speaking of these writers, they are making me hate Olivia. Why hasn’t’ she gone back to her life yet? Her sole purpose in life now seems to be to belittle Kate any chance she gets, and since we already have Carly doing that, is it necessary to have someone else do it too? Man, what did MW do to the writers to make then write Kate like this big of a biatch.

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Still hating Lulu. Not sure why Maxie saved her butt. She should have let her fry. I did like that Jax saved the girls, but again, it just made Kate look like a biatch.

Olivia’s excuse for not going to the hospital was beyond stupid. Maybe if you went back home, your grown up son wouldn’t be so worried about you.

Hating Sonny’s treatment of Ric, Claudia and Spinelli.

Although I get why Mac gave Spinelli the smackdown, and everything he said made sense, I did feel a little bad for The Jackal.