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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.09.08


Totally forgot to talk about Tracy and Luke yesterday. While I would be all for a Tracy/Luke/Laura triangle I am not so sure I am liking the latest storyline for Jane and Tony. I always love their banter but this is Luke Spencer, I feel like he should be doing more than chasing his wife to the Dominican to stop a speedy divorce. Although this has given me the opportunity to once again call out the GH writers. Remember when you sent Carly to the Domincan to get a speedy divorce from Sonny? We learned then that the Domincan is no longer your source for a quick end to your marriage. Now, I MAY be a little premature as the LATEST SPOILERS say that while Tracy tells Luke she's already been granted the divorce, it's a bluff and Luke SHOULD be getting the opportunity to call her on it.

Roomies! Yep Lulu and Maxie will be roomies. We saw Mac give Spinelli another piece of his mind yesterday. Love it when they bring John J. York out and dust him off but I loved the last time Mac gave Spinelli a smack down out of fear for Maxie. Now it's just being repetitive. What we SHOULD be seeing next is Mac telling Maxie either stay clear of all things mob related or get out. And that's exactly what she does. She moves out. Lulu wants her freedom as well and moves out of the Q's and in with Maxie. Throw Johnny and Spinelli into the mix and maybe these four should go searching for their own reality show.

We've been telling you a Jasam reunion is on the horizon. Will Lucky and Elizabeth follow? I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. RUMORS say we'll see some movement in LuSam's relationship intially. BUT the writing SHOULD be on the wall for these two when Lucky feels he can't keep up with Sam's need for the rush of danger. You all know my love of Liason has me a tad upset over Frons' need to play writer. It's not my sole reason however. PROGRAMMING NOTE: Rebecca Herbst is going on vacay so we SHOULDN'T be seeing her the week of the 15th.


Yesterday I dropped a possible Sam dream sequence in the RANDOM and CRAZY section. It APPEARS that once again originality is not a trait possessed by the GH writing staff. Didn't we just have an entire episode devoted to Patrick's dream? And while these little dream vignettes have become part of Spinelli's quirk, they are now starting to become overdone. Sam will have her dreams or what some are calling hallucinations while she is trapped at the bottom of a pit with her bum hip. Does Sasha know where Sam is? Will she play let's make a deal with Jason?

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Olivia is bleeding all over Sonny's sofa and the latest Mrs. Corinthos is not happy about it. When Sonny wants to call Dante, Patrick tells him not to. I'm not sure how I feel about Patrick being thrusted into the mob set as he and Robin seemed to be the only ones unscathed by the all mob all the time mentality. Why would Sonny want to call Dante? More plot points because we all know what Sonny doesn't? RUMORS say Olivia MAY be the next tenant at Greystone.

What will Jerry being doing when he pops back in? Torturing others. RUMORS have had him going after Sam and the LATEST is that he will put the fear in Claudia as well. He knows she was behind Michael's shooting.


Jason and Sonny... Rivals? Friends? What will happen to what I like to call Guza's greatest pairing ever? Be sure to insert sarcasm as needed. While the former partners and friends will be at odds it APPEARS that the deal offered to Jason will be one he turns down because he won't turn on Sonny.

Scrubs... Wedding and Baby Blues. Robin and Baby Emma SHOULD be A-Ok soon.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Like I said, the writing's on the wall. RUMORS have Elizabeth telling Lucky that Sam can not be around the boys as long as she's running after the Russian Mob. These RUMORS say Lucky agrees. Matt and Elizabeth RUMORS still persist. That scene with Matt and Cam COULD have been a precursor to this. What about M&M? When Jason Cook joined the cast we all ASSUMED Frons was trying to recreate the magic that was Shawn and Belle on Days of Our Lives. M&M SHOULD still be teased and there are RUMORS that eventually Matt will be in a triangle with Spixie. Elizabeth in a triangle? That's a RUMOR out there. Another Gala thrown by Nikolas Cassadine?


RUMBLINGS still say that Maurice Benard has re-signed with the show. Also still out there is that Megan Ward will be leaving in 2009.