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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I absolutely adore Mac Scorpio. And I completely don't understand why he doesn't get a story or a decent woman. Loved that he gave Maxie the ultimatum, out of fatherly concern , but was shocked that she went with it and then upset with Robin that he's losing Maxie. John J. York hit all the right spots with that.

Loved that Maxie is leaving to assert her independence and not to spite Mac. Loved that her relationship with him is still intact. Although, why she had to leave RIGHTNOW and not once she'd found an appartment, was a bit weird.

Loved the Mac/Robin scenes and then Patrick showing up and I wondered if Mac would offer them the house to get them out of that closet they call an appartment.

If Carly had spent as much time fighting for her marriage while she was married as she is now, she might not be having problems right now. That scene with Carly talking to the picture of Micheal is the Carly that I like. A little self awareness never hurts.

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If my kid was kidnapped by crazy Russians and then just came out of an exploding building, I think I'd bring him to the hospital to be checked out, just to be safe. Having said that, I absolutely love Cameron's "hello Jake" and baby Jake's wacky hair.

Claudia/Sonny: The only thing I like about these two is that Claudia's crazy and Sonny doesn't seem to know how to deal with it. His frustration with her actually made me laugh. Olivia versus Claudia would interest me more if it had nothing to do with the greasy little mobster.

Jason/Sam: Looks like were heading for a JaSam reunion, but I have a hard time understanding the writers need to do this, so quickly. Plus, if they turn Sam back into the weepy Jason appendage that she was the first time around, then I'll hate it even more. But that's just me, a non JaSam, non LIason fan. Never happy!! Also, Sam needs a job where she can experience that adrenaline rush she likes so much, like a PI or something.