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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.10.08


Jason is questioned by federal agents and Diane wants him to share all. Not the typical instruction Diane usually gives her clients. As we mentioned before, Diane will be short one client soon as she drops Sonny when she learns about his new wife.

Maxie and Lulu... There MAY be a little twist in that roomie story. It looks like both ladies find themselves wanting the same apartment.

Raylene isn't with us much longer as Nadine's insightful Aunt passes away. According to the SPOILERS, Nadine tells Aunt Raylene the truth about Nikolas.

Robert and Anna will be there but will Noah make an appearance at the Scrubs wedding?
Nope! Patrick gets a call from dear old dad but that's it. Matt will be a part of the wedding, we hear he's the Best Man this time.  SPOILERS say that when Robin asks her dad to walk her down the aisle, he says no.

What about Jake? Now that the tot has been returned to his mom where does his story go? I know, it's typical for GH to forget about the kids on this show (Where the hell is Spencer? Lost in Wyndamere?) but Jake is the son of Jason Morgan and with all that story potential, can GH really just let that go? There is some TALK that as Jason and Sam share more screentime, we MAY also see more of Sam comparing Jake to his daddy. We MAY even see Sam suggesting that Jason spend more time with his son. Is this how they'll drive a wedge into LuSam?

Speaking of LuSam... I keep telling you the writing is on the wall. While there are reports that Lucky and Sam will make some forward progress, I wouldn't get too attached. Jason saves Sam when she's trapped at the bottom of the pit. Sam leaves the hospital to stop a hit put out on Jason by the Russians. Lucky will be concerned about Elizabeth when she won't leave her house or let the boys out of her sight.

Speaking of GH kids... Morgan MAY be spending Christmas with his dad.

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Jax...Ingo Rademacher said he was taking a short vacation but we wouldn't even notice he's gone. The LATEST SCOOP says that Jax goes to see Lady Jane for the holidays.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... A casting call for an African American doctor has gone out. Some SUGGEST she MAY be brought in to go up against Patrick, professionally speaking. Another casting call for a caucasian female. With the issued budget cuts, who will be let go to pay for the newbies? See below for another RUMORED casting call. Jerry's torture of Claudia involves DVD's.

Remember to check the comments, here's what you may have missed yesterday:

Some say that this whole Dante thing is turning into a big old mess. There are RUMBLINGS that because of this, Dante coming to PC in January will not happen. Instead, we MAY have a possible March Sweeps storyline that has Michael Corinthos III coming out of his coma.


UPDATE on the above... The RUMBLE about Dante is that casting him has proven to be difficult so it's being delayed. How does Michael fit into this? Well it looks like that plan has been sped up and COULD be part of the March Sweeps story. There is a CASTING RUMOR floating out there that GH has a casting call out for a 17 year old. Some are ASSUMING this is a SORAS'd Michael. Conflicting reports? There are still RUMBLINGS out there that Dante is not as dead in the water as some would like us to believe.

More on the Megan Ward GOSSIP... It's just gossip at this point but I always say, where there's smoke there is fire and there seems to be alot of smoke coming from Megan's dressing room. Usually these RUMORS originate from somewhere and it's possible the latest GOSSIP could be giving us some insight into the origin.


So...Anyone remember those pestering RUMORS that Jax is finally going to get his baby? When those RUMORS once again made it to the surface and we heard the news of the Jate revenge sex OF COURSE the Kate is preggers with Jax's baby talk started. So here's where the LATEST GOSSIP comes into play. According to the CHATTER, Megan, who's contract is up this Spring (according to sources) was asked to commit early to the show because they wanted to write the baby story. SUPPOSEDLY, Megan wasn't willing to make that commitment.

NOW... There is still talk about the budget cuts that should be hitting GH just like it did AMC. Possible changes to filming schedules is being talked about and yes, there is still TALK about actors being let go.

Small UPDATE... If all this Megan is leaving TALK is true, we SHOULD see more of Kate being written into the proverbial corner. Also, what Megan shared with fans is true, she has stuff coming up in January that COULD be the start of her exit story as some say she MAY be around into March.