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BREAKING NEWS: Maurice Benard Inks New Contract?!

While this hasn't been confirmed yet by General Hospital. Sources claim Maurice Benard(Sonny) has indeed re-signed with the show for an undetermined amount of time. Of course, silly dreamer soap fan that I am, I would hope this means a Skate reunion is on the horizon for Benard and the amazingly-underrated Megan Ward(Kate Howard), but why ever would General Hospital write an organic, character-driven storyline when they can simply try to recapture old lightening between Benard and Sarah Brown? This question is of course rhe-frons-ical.

Brown's Claudia has chemistry to spare with the woefully-underused Rick Hearst, but instead of seeing Ric and Claudia on the front burner, we are getting this tired married-to-the-mob crap we already fast-forwarded through a decade and a half ago with Sonny and Lily. Sigh, I can remember when this was the one show in daytime I never griped about. Just like TRL and trusting your baker, those days are over. (Jamey breaks glass at his feet to symbolize a post-Liason GH being DEAD to him!) 


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