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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A Sonny/Carly free day. Woohoo!!!

I’m seriously starting to feel bad for Robin. It actually does seem as though the baby stops crying when others are around, but I think that’s because the baby senses that Robin is tense when she’s alone with her and loosens up a little when others show up. It’s pretty common and someone needs to remind Robin of that before she totally loses her mind. Love that they’re using a real baby for Emma (or at least, it looks like a real newborn)

Interesting Alexis/Sam scene. It might have made more sense if it had aired a month ago right after Jerry “died”, because this far removed, I had actually forgotten all about Mr Craig’s demise. Way to follow up with your stories there, show.

I had a hearty laugh when Jax walked into the penthouse and proceed to get rid of Johnny and Shrew-Lu, but I don’t know why the writers insist on putting Jax and Lulu in scenes together because she just comes across as a snide little twit when she snarks at this older, intelligent business man. You know, more of a twit than usual.

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Okay, that apartment cannot possibly be the only thing in town for either Lulu or Maxie to move into. Although my first thought was of Kelly’s until Maxie reminded me that the place burned down. Another story we haven’t seen in more than a week, which is shame considering Kelly’s history to the show, but whatever. I’m okay with a Maxie/Lulu roommate thing, as long as it doesn’t turn into half naked Maxie running into half naked Johnny on a regular basis and Lulu getting all jealousy and shrieky. Well, more shrieky than usual.

My first thought on seeing Nik trying to milk that cow was that there was no way that farmers nowadays do the milking by hand. I was glad later on when Nadine mentioned that they do have machines and she was only pulling Nik’s leg. Now that Aunt Raylene has passed, can these two return to Port Charles and proceed to interact with everyone else on the show?