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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.11.08


Robin's baby woes continue... Hopefully the RUMORS are true and it ends soon. The LATEST? The Jackal steps in and helps the distressed mom. Why does Robert say no to walking his little girl down the aisle? He thinks Mac deserves the honor more than him but his brother sets him straight and Robert will be giving Robin away. Robin gets a Christmas present, she's able to calm Emma. The Christmas Eve episode SHOULD be Robin and Patrick's wedding.

Sam's dream sequence... It's SUPPOSED to be while she's trapped at the bottom of the pit. Some scenes that were to be included in that MAY have been cut according to RUMORS.

The residents of Port Charles are celebrating the New Year. Missing the romance? This episode is supposed to be full of it. RUMORS say there's a montage.

As always, be sure to check the comments. In case you missed out, here's what was dropped yesterday.

There are RUMORS/RUMBLINGS that casting difficulties are in fact putting the Dante story on hold. Bringing Michael out of his coma, earlier than planned, is one option the show MAY be considering.

As far as Dante's possible impact on Liason... Remember that's all a big MAYBE. Even if Dante is cast, it doesn't mean he'll impact Jason and Elizabeth. There are RUMORS that Dante not knowing who his father is had made an impact on the choices he's made and that had he known he was Sonny's son, he MAY have made different decisions. Who the hell knows anymore...

2009 Previews hitting print....

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Have you all seen the promo where the voice over tells us we'll be shocked? I didn't post it since the promo department gets an A for misleading but an F for actual information. And remember that twist Guza has been promising? WELL HOLY HELL it is shocking and it is a twist.... IT'S A STORYLINE THAT INVOLVES THE HOSPITAL!

He admits his never seen in daytime before stunt that was delayed is similar to the MC crisis... hey its GH, re-do is what they do best. He promises old romances, a new romance and secrets. Gee, secrets? No way! Not on GH! In fairness, he says some long held secrets MAY be getting out... FINALLY. Hospital Crisis will involve the entire canvas and Scrubs will be dealing with jobs, love, baby and the impending stunt.

Sonny vs. Jason...
comes to a head.

Dante... Guza seems to be talking around the matter. He still suggests Dante is coming but we may not know its him when he arrives. Translation: GH is still trying to cast him and a back-up plan is in place to make someone Dante.

Claudia... Her role in Michael's shooting.

Kate... he teases her turning on Sonny, to a certain extent.

Like we didn't see it coming...
JaSam and LL2 reunion talk.

TOTALLY FORGOT... and thanks to Luke for IM'ing while he's watching GH as it reminded me that I forgot to drop some Johnny SCOOP... As I said earlier GH, the best re-do writers around, is at it again. I mentioned Johnny may be working in a garage but what if they re-did a Sonny storyline instead? RUMOR has it that Johnny gets a job at a Christmas tree lot.

UPDATE on some of the above:
The hospital crisis is RUMORED to involve bombs going off at General Hospital. Now, some of you may remember that those bombs were RUMORED once before when Jerry was SUPPOSED to be blowing up things all over town. These RUMORS go on to say that there will be death (budget cuts?), possibly two. Johnny's stint at the Christmas tree lot MAY have him interacting with a few PC residents as they come to buy their trees. 


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS...Sarah Brown signed on for another year, that's long enough for a pregnancy storyline. RUMORS say Claudia may be in the family way but who will be the daddy? Ric or Sonny? IF those RUMORS are true, that means Claudia got her husband to sleep with her.  Yet another RUMORED casting call for a young male to be added to the hospital side of things. Are the feds going to question Kate? Someone is lurking around GH. Another Re-do? Maxie walks in on a naked Johnny.  Anyone remember when Nikolas, Gia, Elizabeth and Lucky were living together? Aunt Raylene's will is read and Nadine is in for a surprise. Jason gives Sam a Christmas gift.