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BREAKING NEWS: Natalia Livingston Set to Return to General Hospital!

Remember when Luke reported reliable sources had Natalia Livingston possibly coming back to General Hospital in a new role? Soap Opera Digest ran, not walked to a "setside source" who dismissed the claim as coming from rumor mongers with "too much time on their hands" Funny how the same magazine went back to the network for this issue to seek confirmation on Livingston's return and was told a firm "no comment".


Well we can tell you several of our reliable sources are saying it is indeed a done deal. Livingston will be returning to the ABC soap in a new role. Lucky for Daytime Confidential readers and podcast listeners we have enough "time on our hands" to accurately break the stories you you guys wanna know about, but by all means we encourage the mags to keep wasting valuable copy space attempting to discredit us. It makes it so much more fun when people like Agnes Nixon herself prove we were right all along in the pages of Ad Age. Smooches. 

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