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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.12.08


It's a typical Friday.... not a lot of SCOOP.  Q& A DAY!  Ask Away....

Liason's run ends today.  Jason will tell Elizabeth about the money he's left in an account for her and the boys. I am not sure if he will tell her about the house or if she will know it was made to look like Emily left it all for her.

Punching out his frustrations? RUMORS say Jason works it out on a punching bag.

Lucky and Sam... Sam still wants to investigate the Russian mob. Lucky is against that. When Sam is rescued from the pit, its Lucky she wakes up to at the hospital. Will she be saying the right name as she awakes?

Are Skate headed down the same Liason Lane? Were they broken up to facilitate the Carly Claudia and Sonny pairing? RUMORS say that MAY be the case. Is this another Frons mandated pairing in hopes to boost ratings? Why else would pairing Sonny with the woman responsible for Michael being in a coma be a good idea? I will give them this, it does have some good story potential but that is only if they actually move towards revealing Claudia's role in the shooting. There are RUMORS that we'll see more of Sonny and Claudia getting closer. There are still RUMBLINGS that Ric and Claudia hit the sheets again.

Speaking of Michael... and really this should be a Random and Crazy Rumor considering Carson has seemed to forget about their comatose son. RUMORS say Sonny goes to visit Michael and Carly happens to visit at the same time. Will this be when Carly tells Sonny he can see Morgan? Not sure but RUMORS do say that Carly and Sonny will be mending their fences soon.


Diane drops Sonny. Sonny plants one on his wife.

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Jason and Claudia scenes? It looks like Claudia tells Jason that she doesn't see how he and Sonny can kiss and make up.

The deal Jason is SUPPOSED to be offered?
  MAY happen next week as well. RUMORS also say that Jason tells Spinelli he should move out. Is this the start of Jason pushing everyone away?

Jerry resurfacing? Possibly next week and he has Claudia trying to cover her tracks.

Scrubs Wedding... It looks like it will be on December 26th. RUMORED to be a classic wedding. RUMORS say its a small family affair but there are also RUMORS that say Sonny attends.


Maxie and Lulu... The roomies MAY be getting a neighbor. Here's to hoping he's hot.

Holiday Episode? Spinelli as Santa's Helper? RUMORS galore about Santa's Jacket and magic glasses. Will Monica slip on the magic specs and see her hubby?

Rebecca Herbst.... She took a vacay so she'll be offscreen for a bit. Will it be more than a bit? RUMORS say she'll be in Sam's "dream" as Sam dreams about Jake's kidnapping. We MAY not be seeing much of Elizabeth though, even past the time away for Becky's vacation.


Guza's Stunt... He said it's "similar" to the MetroCourt Crisis. It appears it will be a flash forward where we go back in time to see all the events that lead up to that flash forward. The difference? It MAY take all the way to March to unfold the ending we will see in January.

Hitting the editing room floor... As we've told you before, it seems that plenty has hit the editing room floor lately. Here's an example:  If you recieve the ABC Hotsheet in your email, you'll remember that said Jason would shoot Sam. It never happened.