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PLEASE Santa Maria Don't Take Y&R's Chris Engen!!!

Okay, I am major bummed at the news that Chris Engen is on his way out at The Young and the Restless! Just when he starts clicking he has to go? I totally understand getting rid of Vail Bloom's Heather—although I am going to miss laughing at the Breck Girl's attempts to take on Victor—but Engen has really grown into the role and has those smoldering, dark Newman good looks.


There is still major potential with this character. He's Hope's kid for crying out blind! And let's not forget, Victor's other brats have turned on him plenty of times. Nicholas sold him out for product tampering! Is it too late for a reprieve? Purty please Auntie Maria? I won't make any more pot shots about Ana's singing for like a MONTH if you keep Chris! Okay, my inner fanboy (who usually only shows up when GH's Liason is threatened) will go back and sit down now and remember that Y&R is on FIRE and let the good folks do their jobs.

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