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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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My apologies kids, Mama J's a bit under the weather due to a trip to the dentist and mourning the loss of her beloved TiVo.  There is tons of drama heading to The Young and the Restless.


Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: The battle brewing between housewife Phyllis vs. scheming Phyllis starts to heat up. The birthday of the Newman's baby girl Summer is held at the couple's home where Phyllis still is smarting from the revelation that she caught Nick kissing his ex-wife Sharon and her (Sharon) being the one that stopped the kiss. Not even their daughter's party can make Phyllis ease up on being icy with Nick. The party goes from bad to worse when Sharon swings by with a gift that Noah left for his little sister and the one Sharon has for her as well (WTF!?). Nick's the one that intercepts Sharon's arrival and is eager to get rid of her and not have anymore drama between he and Phyllis. Nick decides to speak to Sharon outside where Phyllis finds him after noticing that he's missing when she tries to take a family picture of her hubby and little girl. When Phyllis queries on Nick's whereabouts, Nikki informs her that Nick is outside speaking to Sharon.

Meanwhile, Nick lets Sharon in on Phyllis knowing about their kiss in Paris, which Sharon asks how she found out about it. Nick tells Sharon that Phyllis was in France for a Restless Style photo shoot and before he can say more Phyllis emerges from the house and greets Sharon! Even though the tension between the trio is thick, there isn't any hostility between the ladies. Phyllis knows that Sharon can care less about her well being however, she does know that Sharon wouldn't go after Nick since Sharon has been cheated on before. Phyllis tries to let Sharon know without saying that Nick's her man and then stands next to Sharon in a way to intimidate her. Sharon isn't the least bit moved by Phyllis' tactics and decides to stand her ground and let Phyllis know how things are.

Phyllis then asks Nick to rejoin the party where Sharon hands him the gifts she brought and tells the Newmans to have a great time before she departs. While Sharon's walking away, Phyllis glares at Nick with disdain when Nick asks her to come inside due to the frosty weather.

While everyone's singing Happy Birthday, Phyllis starts to stare a hole into the gift Sharon brought when one tends to wonder if the old Phyllis Summers has started to appear once again. Phyllis picks up a knife to cut the cake which's shaped into a bear, where she promptly cuts the head off it's head! Phyllis knows that Nick is still in love with Sharon and that he's very conflicted, according to Michelle Stafford. Stay tuned folks because more mischief is underway involving this trio.

JT/Victoria: Fans of the duo, get ready for a major storyline. There are no specifics, but there's going to be a problem that the duo faces and sources have said JT gets a bit pissed about his status in the Newman clan.

Michael: Poor guy, he uncovers the truth about River. He and Lauren come across a paper trail that leads to a shocking revelation, River took some money during the bank exlosion that caused the death of the security guard. Michael approaches River with this information, who swears that the bank explosion was an accident and he never intended to harm anymore. River pleads with his son not to bust him and to forget everything for Eden's sake.

Michael becomes very conflicted, he's an officer of the court and must report any illegal activities that his clients have been involved in. The other side of him wants to protect his father. In the end, Michael visits Heather and has her issue a warrant to bust River. Michael tries to inform Eden on what their dad has done, the teen rejects what Michael says and says she's going to be with her father. Michael lets her know that she'll be with he and Lauren permanently. On Dec. 26, Michael will be involved in an incident that will have him realize how he's needed to his loved ones and how their lives would be if he weren't around.

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Adam/Heather: Paul fills his overzealous daughter in on what her fiance's been up to and she promptly arrests him at the airport. Will Heather pull a Tammy Wynette for Adam?

Paul/Nikki: The P.I.'s feelings for his childhood friend become deeper and are tested when Victor asks for his help in proving his innocence. Nikki convinces Paul to help Victor, where in turn he's able to get Victor sprung from jail.

Victor vs. Jack and Adam: The Moustache decides to go all out in his war against Smilin' Jack and Adam. Don't expect The Black Knight to be sprung from the slammer for Christmas. He won't be released until after the holidays.

The chemist turned CEO starts to ponder if she's just a rebound for Victor. Meanwhile, she and Jack vow vengeance against Gloria for her role in the Jabot face cream.

Sharon: She lets Brad know she's ready to go forward in her life.

Katherine: The missing grande dame of Genoa City confronts Pearl for swiping her ring. Speaking of Kay, her memory comes back full steam ahead, right when her family gets ready to celebrate their first Christmas holiday without her.

Billy: The youngest Abbott decides to plot his own plan against his big brother.

Lily: Seems like some people will  have to ease up on that girl's intelligence. She solves a mystery that will influence the relationships she has with brothers Cane and Billy.

Fact or Fiction?

Noah/Eden: RUMORS are afloat that these two hit the sheets.

Phyllis: There are several RUMORS reporting that Red decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to kill off her rival, but Brad jumps in the path of the bullet meant for Sharon. The word is that Nick does something that pushes Phyllis to her breaking point. She decides that she has nothing to lose and decides to take Sharon out. The RUMORS do stress that Nick and Sharon do NOT get in the sack. Now it makes one wonder how Brad's going to leave the canvas. At a recent fan event, Sharon Case (Sharon) let fans in on a bit of what's to come. Apparently, Jack and Sharon are headed to divorce court and Brad bites the big one in a gallant way. I doubt this happens, but hell it's great to report, right?

Tammin Sursok:
RUMOR has it the latest Colleen Carlton has been bumped to recurring status. Once the storyline involving Brad is done, RUMOR has it that she'll be written off the show and her mom Traci (Beth Maitland) will be back to facilitate her departure in January.