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Wishful Casting: Eden Riegel as Y&R's Mac

Last summer when DC  had our fav-o-rite recurring guest Eden Riegel on the podcast (DC: # 279), along with her real and sometimes reel life besty Elizabeth Hendrickson, I threw it out there in the universe (as Lisa Rinna would say) that Riegel would make a killer version of Katherine Chancellor's beloved granddaughter Mackenzie on The Young and the Restless. With Riegel only back on All My Kids for a short time, I think now is the perfect time to let the brass at Y&R— television's most revitalized soap opera— in on why Riegel would make an amazing Mac.


Mackenzie is one of those roles that is near and dear to this soap blogger's heart. Ashley Bashioum was breathtaking in the role as a teenage Mac. The other actresses, well...not so much. It broke my heart to see Billy (played to teenage perfection by David Tom) and Mac both ruined by one bad recast after another. Now that Y&R has finally found a kickass adult version of Billy Abbott in Billy Miller (also from AMC), I think it's time they went back to Pine Valley for the perfect twentysomething version of Mac– Riegel.

It's high time Y&R undid the ridiculous move of having their best young adult couple since Nick and Sharon  find out they were cousins. This is Genoa City, not Springfield. Mac and Billy belong together like Mac and Cheese, and with Hendrickson— who has shared incredible chemistry with Riegel on AMC and on the You Tube smash Imaginary Bitches— already in Genoa City, not to mention one of Imaginary Bitches' most memorable guest stars Greg Rikaart(Hey Andrew, can he be a series regular?) also there, Y&R's younger crowd could be a virtual Genoa City Bitch Fest! In the best possible way of course. Just think of the crossover potential, daytime's number one soap and the Internet version of Sex and the City–on acid. It would be like BUTTAH. Think about it Auntie Maria and Uncle Paul!

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