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Daytime Confidential Down Under

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Welcome to the first Daytime Confidential Down Under! This is a new weekly blog about all things soap from the land of the kangaroo and koala bears, better known as Australia, and its soaps Home and Away and Neighbours. So as the Aussie’s say, grab yourself a cuppa and some brekky, and get ready for your weekly news, spoilers and gossip from Down Under.


Home and Away


As the show has finished airing for the year, not a whole lot of news is coming out, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t find any… Here is a quick rundown of all the stuff coming in the 2009 season:

A whole lot of new! A new website design, a new collectors magazine (see below) and a new remix of the opening/closing theme song (with new video). The rumor is it may go back to being a male/female duet, but we will find out soon enough.

Home and Away returns to screens on January 19, 2008 and this is what we know...

There will be at least one major death! Who is it? Well all signs are pointing towards Jack (Paul O'Brien). After the season finale last week where Jack was shot by fellow cop Angelo (who also might be dirty, it’s hard to tell sometimes), it’s not looking the best for Constable Holden, but that doesn’t mean it's not a red herring. The other options rumored are Kane (Sam Atwell), Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Irene (Lynne McGranger), or even one of the teens.

More trouble ahead for good boy Geoff (Lincoln Lewis) and bad girl Nicole’s (Tessa James) relationship, as yet another girl is tossed into Geoff’s arms. Will their relationship last another triangle? Is this new girl just another roadblock for Geoff and Nicole?

What to watch next week: With Home and Away and Neighbours now off the air for the Australian summer TV season, we will all going to be going through withdrawals until they return, so what better way to curb those cravings than to relive your favorite scenes on You Tube?

For Home and Away fans, with Kane back in town (and well possibly dead) relive his and Kirsty’s romance from the start with thanks to - they are posting the entire storyline on You Tube here. Watch out for Tammin Sursok (Colleen Carlton, The Young and the Restless) who played Kirsty’s sister Dani, who Kane raped. 

Bullet point previews for 2009:

  • Someone gets raped
  • Aden (Todd Lasance) gets bashed
  • A same sex relationship is on the way

Home and Away Collectors Magazine: Over 130 pages filled with exclusive interviews, brand new, never before seen photos, a complete timeline of events at Summer Bay and 12 bonus pin-ups with a giant double gatefold poster inside. The Home and Away Official Collector's Edition magazine will be in store January 28, 2009 in Australia, overseas markets TBA.

So are you pumped for '09? Who do you think gets killed off? Who’s raped and who might be playing for their own team? Discuss in the comments.

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Tired of unfulfilling American soaps, or want learn more about Home and Away? Visit the Home and Away Official Website

This week was the season finale at Ramsey Street, but before we get to that here is the latest news.

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Actor Sam Clark (Ringo Brown) has revealed what he is up to during his Christmas break. He will be recording his first album, yep another Neighbours star with an album. Because I like Ringo, Sam will probably become a big star and leave us. Just kidding. In reality, I wish him the best of luck and I look forward to listening to his album when it hits stores in early 2009.


Caitlin Stasey (Rachel Kinski) has now filmed her final scenes with the show. Rachel was offered a singing contract based in London, so it looks like she will accept it. Former Australian Idol finalist turned actor Dean Geyer has revealed that his character Ty Harper will be devastated by her exit. Caitlin’s final scenes will be airing in early 2009.

Actress Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan Kennedy, sat down with TV Tonight and discusses how being on the soap for the past fourteen years has been and how she wouldn't change a thing. Read the whole article here.

This week saw the arrival of the winners of the 'Neighbours Next Big Stars!' competition run by Australia's Dolly magazine.

Neighbours Season Finale Week: So this past week was finale week on Neighbours and it was the rafting trip disaster. One of our Neighbours will not survive.

Who will live? What are your thoughts on the finale? Are you pumped for the next season?

What to watch next week:Neighbours fans, it’s hard out there for you and you’ll have to do some digging to find classic videos, but my suggestion would be to relive this season’s magic in anticipation for the next by watching the bushfire disaster, or if you are a Ty fanboy or girl, you can watch Dean Geyer’s entire run for the '08 season here.

And before the questions start pouring in, yes I will post preview for 2009 season soon.

Bullet point preview of 09:

  • Mauricio Merino and Chelsea Jones have been cast as the pesky siblings to Donna Freedman (Margot Robbie) and are sure to cause as much trouble as Donna did when she first came onscreen. Congratulations and good luck to Mauricio and Chelsea!

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Tired of unfulfilling American soaps, or want learn more about Neighbours? Visit the Neighbours Official Website

Aussie Ratings Roundup

Home and Away Finale Week Ratings: Home and Away seems to always do a good job in the ratings, but I am slightly disappointed that more people didn’t tune into see Friday’s finale. With summer TV starting around the same time, I can’t really blame them for tuning out and it was still in the Top 5 for most of the week (Tuesday was a busy TV night in Australia with a lot airing).

  • Monday: 1.306m (3rd place for the night)
  • Tuesday: 1.221m (7th place for the night)
  • Weds: 1.240m (5th for the night)
  • Thurs: 1.237m (3rd for the night)
  • Fri: 1.163m (4th for the night)

Neighbours Finale Week Ratings: It always bothers me to see the ratings for Neighbours.  The soap is so good and its so iconic, yet no one tunes in.

  • Monday: Neighbours Ten 708,000 (19th for the night)
  • Tuesday: Neighbours Ten 638,000 (19th for the night)
  • Wed-Friday not available

So with that we conclude the first Daytime Confidential Down Under. Did you have fun? What are you going to watch for the off season of Home and Away and Neighbours? Do you have any good storylines that are out on YouTube you would like to suggest for others to watch? Post your thoughts in the comments and let's discuss.