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General Hospital: Perkie's Year in Review

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Disclaimer: This is a lighthearted look at what happened this year on our show. Anyone with no sense of humor in general or about their favourite characters, should stop reading now. For everyone else, find out what was happening in January 2008 in Port Charles……

Skye: Hey Ric, do you want my deeds to the pier.

Ric: That’s what she said. Wait, do you still live here, because I could use a date….wait, where are you goiinnnnnng? Well crap, let me head back to my home town and see if there’s any decent women there that I can get a storyline with.

Sam: Jason is Jake’s dad and everyone in town knows but you.

Carly: Nuh uh. Jason’s my bestest fwiend in da whole wowld, he woulda told me. Let me go blame this all on Elizabeth and throw my weight around since this is totally all about me.

Carly: You made sure ELQ made defective condoms then somehow tricked Jason into buying the defective condoms than had sex with him so you’d get pregnant.

Liz: You have to go now, because my oldest kid is about to burn down my house with my youngest kid in it. Then, I have to go to the hospital, have it nearly blown up by some crazy guy with no insurance and a pregnant wife. Then, I’m going to pass out from the giant shard of glass that I totally didn’t notice sticking out of my leg. And then, I’m going to release myself from the hospital to visit my killer boyfriend and possibly run over someone. Or not.

Carly: Heh, I’m going to find out I’m pregnant and possibly run over someone. Cool.

Carly: Jason is it true that you’re Jake’s dad?

Jason: Uh, yeah, but it’s a secret. Only you, Sam, Liz, Lucky, me, Sonny, Emily, Epiphany, the baker, the barber and the candlestick maker know, so keep it on the down low.

Carly: Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason……

Jax: Uh Carly, my name is Jax. It’s close. They both start with J. A. so I know it’s confusing.

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Sonny: Kate, will you marry me?

Kate: Uh, NOT.

Sonny: Well then, let me burn down this establishment. And then I’ll go have sex with some chick in a bar, who looks awfully familiar.

Monica: I suddenly feel the urge to pour vodka from my little flask into a water bottle and then take swigs from it when no ones looking. Then, I’ll get in my car and possibly run down someone.

Nik: I see dead people. Let me get in my car and possibly run down someone. It’s the thing to do this month.

Logan: Hey Coop, these DNA results that I conveniently found locked in a case in the back of the bottom of your drawer says Georgie scratched you before she died.

Coop: Nuh uh. Gotta go get killed by the TMK now.

Jason: Micheal, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

Sam: Oh no, a crazy guy in a sky mask when there aren’t any sky hills around. Must be that wacky TMK. Let me run into the street and get run over by a car.

Stay tuned for what was happening in February.