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Young and Restless Supercouple Case and Morrow React to Diamont's Exit

Looks like Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Sharon Case (Sharon) are as sad to see veteran actor Don Diamont (Brad) exit The Young and the Restless as we are. The ageless supercouple recently talked with Michael Fairman for an interview with TV SOAP Australia and the subject of Diamont's departure came up. Here's what Morrow had to say:


I think it's a big loss, Don is part of the old guard. He is like a piller there. What ever translates on the screen as his character, in real life, he is one of the most giving, considerate people on the planet. It's tough. He has a big family. Story-wise in daytime the landscape is changing, and every show is going to make difficult decisions, and it will make people upset and sad, and they could lose their jobs. It is so unfortunate that it happened to Don. He is a guy that I respect and I am saddended by this."

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Case added this about losing her onetime leading man:

I have worked with him as my direct co-star and to see him go, I was so surprised too. I did not see it coming. Don has been on the show for 20 years, and has a 20 year fan following behind him. It made it more of a shock. I don't understand why daytime is not a flourishing commodity. I look at other television products in daytime and primetime, and daytime dramas are as good as most of the products out there!"

Like Case and Morrow we hate to see Diamont go, however we realize comings and goings have always been a necessary part of the daytime landscape, whether they be story-dictated or motivated by budget. This is especially  true in the current industry climate.

Unlike the casting massacres taking place at other soaps, though it is more than apparent that Maria Arena Bell and Co. are in it to win it in terms of recapturing the former glory of daytime soap operas. Bell, Paul Rauch, Hogan Sheffer, Scott Hamner and the post-LML revitalized cast of The Young and the Restless are making their show more visually and artistically stimulating with each passing day, which makes even hard casting decisions like firing Diamont and Chris Engen a lot easier to swallow.  Plus with Diamont's Jewish-don't-crack good looks he will definitely land on his feet sooner rather than later.

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