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New York Times Profiles Victor Newman


You read that headline correctly, gentle readers. Today's New York Times features a lengthy profile of the character of Victor Newman from The Young and the Restless through the prism of portrayer Eric Braeden, who gets a profile-within-the-profile himself. An excerpt:

At a time when the empires of some real-life industrialists are shrinking, if not disappearing altogether, the authority of this dirty, rotten TV scoundrel remains unchallenged and his capital limitless.

“Victor Newman should never lose his power or his money,” Mr. Braeden said with heavy finality. “Without them there’s no conflict, and ultimately conflict makes him flourish.”

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Not unlike the recent report on CNN about soaps and the failing economy, the Times story is mercifully free of sarcasm. Yes, there is a little tongue in cheek, but for the most part the story is fairly even keeled. Even more impressive during these doom and gloom times for the genre is the fact that the Times ran this story at all.

Whether the pitch for this story came from CBS, Y&R's own publicity folk, or writer Franz Lidz, it is very nice to see respectful coverage of soaps in the mainstream press. Read the entire story here.