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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Following on from my vow last week to be positive about Days, my shining light this week is that Victor is back on my screen! Alas, it’s in scenes with Melanie, but beggars can’t be choosers. The hole Nicole is digging with the fake pregnancy is getting bigger (like the fake stomach), with Dr. Baker now extorting the desperate woman to keep her secret. Fans of Philly K and Stephanie should be pleased, the new couple will share their first kiss on Thursday… awww… What else is in store? Keep reading for more in this week’s Days of Our LivesPreview from Denial Island (December 15 – 19).


Remember how Nick’s in jail? Well, Melanie does too this week and she goes to visit him. He makes her Christmases all come at once by giving her money – his potential profits from his alternate energy project. Guess he’ll be handing that over to Max now that he’s in jail? Melanie takes her cash and tries to get involved in the project at Titan. Philip shuts her down completely – in fact, he fires her. Ouch! Smart Melanie (did I really just say that?) goes straight to the Head Honcho himself, Victor, who later accuses Philip of business bias. Philip doesn’t like that too much – he quits. Luckily, newly smooched Stephanie convinces him to mend fences with his Dad.

Ah yes Steph and Philly K fans, the new couple share their first kiss this week, but not before Melanie tries her best to interfere. After ex-bf Max has a go at her, Steph realizes where he got his info from and goes straight to Melanie for another smackdown. The most important question I want to an answer to is, will there be food involved?

Speaking of Max, he’s trying to decide what to do with the toy dog Trent left him in that box. Now listen carefully, I shall say this only once… Chelsea and Theo happen along the pier; Theo sees the dog and wants it. Max gives the dog to Theo. Make sure you remember that, because I’m sure it’ll be important in the future. Or not - this is Days the soap of dropped storylines and split personalities.

Running with the toys theme, Theo’s not showing much enthusiasm about Christmas. When asked by EJ, Theo doesn’t respond to what he’d like to receive at first, but later points to a gift and says he wants it. This cheers Lexie up a bit, especially since she and brother EJ were just fighting over who put their families in more danger recently: Lexie by asking Stefano to make Mayor Marino back off during Abe’s Mayoral campaign, or EJ, by having Nicole under Stefano’s roof. I say EJ. Have I mentioned I can't wait for Stefano to find out about the fake pregnancy?

Ahh EJ… well, he’s having to defend Nicole to a few people this week. Not just to Lexie, but to Stefano as well. Nicole has changed doctors again, and EJ has to explain to Stefano why, especially after she cracked it over Stefano arranging a visit from the DiMera physician last week (what, the physician wasn’t Rolf??). After all that defending, EJ wants some lovin’, but Nicole ain’t open for business at the moment, not if she wants to keep the fake baby bump fake. She tells EJ her hormones are making her celibate, and that should be enough of a clue right there to tip EJ off. Sadly, it doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s digging herself a deeper and deeper hole with all the lies she’s telling to keep the fake pregnancy ruse going (which is quite good, saves Stefano from having a DiMinion do it once he discovers she’s crossing him). Brady tries to warn her, but she’s not having a bar of it. She accuses him of lying when he gives her the evidence that the surrogate mother she found is not pregnant. Nicole confronts her only to discover Brady was telling the truth. She then enlists Dr. Baker to keep being her “obstetrician”, but he refuses to help unless she compensates him – to the tune of $750,000. That would have been a piece of cake if the ex-Mrs. Kiriakis still had any of the her sizeable divorce settlement, but now she’s flat broke and living on borrowed time at DiMansion. Her secret almost gets revealed when EJ feels her stomach and notes that it’s different; while at the same time, Dr. Baker arrives to collect his non-existent hush money. Poor, poor Nicole. What will she do now?

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Rafe makes it back to the safe house after being stabbed by the hitman. Is he followed? It doesn’t seem so. His injuries provide some opportunities for Sami and Rafe to get a bit closer; with no anesthesia Rafe resorts to drinking alcohol in order to numb the pain. In a moment of loose lips, he tells Sami she’s an idiot for loving EJ when, to him, it seems that he doesn’t love her back (Brooke stamps feet angrily, he would if he knew she was frickin pregnant!). Later in the week Sami suffers a fall, but everything is ok with her and baby DiMera. Rafe isn’t ok though, he knows he’s getting too close to Sami and that makes him worried about his capacity to protect her.

Last but not least, Daniel has raunchy dreams about Chloe this week; but he wont act on them – he and Chloe have decided it’s better if neither of them have contact with the other, unless it concerns Kate or Lucas. Speaking of Lucas, his car breaks down on his way home to his new fiancé, who has a “sexy surprise” waiting for him. Maggie comes to visit in the meantime to make sure Chloe wont make her AA charge fall off the wagon – does she really love Lucas enough for marriage? Chloe assures her she does, but who here really believes that? Kate sends Daniel along with a gift for them both, but he finds Chloe in her “sexy surprise” waiting for Lucas. Rah-rowwwl.

In other shorter storylines:

  • Bo is unconscious after falling off the ladder last week - Hope rushes him to hospital, but Kayla says he should be fine. Bo starts having visions. Is he Salem's newest Celeste?
  • Nick thinks he’s not obsessed with Melanie anymore (have those drugs worn off already?)
  • Jawn gets frustrated by Dr. Taylor

Next Week:

  • More Victor! He has a word to EJ about Nicole
  • Theo goes missing again (remember the dog, I’m sure it’s important LOL)
  • Bo has visions of his dead son Zach and a child in danger!
  • Doug plays Santa and reads this years Christmas story at University Hospital

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Much to my chagrin, I started watching Days again. I don't know why. Each episode really takes 37 minutes of my life that I'll never get back... Dang! There goes being positive...