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General Hospital: Perkie's Year in Review, February

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Part Two: February 2008

Sam: The TMK tried to kill me.

Lucky: Nuh uh, The TMK was totally Coop and he’s totally dead and I would know, since I’m the smartest cop, uh, no wait, let me check this out.

Lulu: Logan, I swear, I only have eyes for you, Johnny, uh I mean, Logan.

Ric: Hi, I’m a hot, rich lawyer with no story.

Marianna: I’m a waitress with immigration problems….

Ric: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Trevor: I’m a tool, I’m a tool, I’m a tool, I’m a tool…..

Jason: You shouldn’t tell anyone you might have hit Sam with your car.

Liz: Ok.

Nik: I think I hit Sam with my car. Should I tell someone?

Liz: I’m cool with that.

Tracy: I want a divorce.

Luke: Nuh uh.

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Mike: What are you playing with?

Michael: Bullets.

Mike: Do you have a gun?

Michael: Nope.

Mike: Ok, see ya.

Michael: Let me just throw it away in this dumpster….oopsie, Kate’s dead, let me run away.

Ian: Hi, I’m the new psycho, I mean, doctor in town.

Patrick: Ignore everything Dr Scorpio says, because she’s wacky with the pregnancy hormones all them wimmins get.

Robin: I know you are, but what am I.

Nik: I still see dead people.

Ian: Hey, you want some cool drugs so you can continue to see dead people? Cuz apparently, not only do I work for the Russian syndicate, but also Jerry Jackes, whom I know as Mr. Moreau, but you know as James Craig, you know.

Logan: I have all these things in my apartment that make me look like I’m the TMK, but I’m totally not.

Lulu: You totally are. Let me smack you upside the head with this pipe wrench.

Logan: Owie.

Lulu: Johnny, smacking Logan upside the head makes me horny, let’s do the nasty while Logan lies dying in the OR.

Johnny: Cool.


Sam: I thought you were dead. I’m totally going to go Everyday Heroes on you.

Liz: Wasn’t he dead? He doesn’t know who Jake’s father is, does he. Cuz it’s a secret.

Maxie: I thought he was dead. And his shoes don’t match his shirt.

Spinelli: The Jackal’s perception was that the son of the dark lord was without life.

Nik: I thought he was dead. And you know how I enjoy the dead people.

Nadine: He was totally dead. Or as Aunt Raylene would say, there ain’t nothing stinkier than a fish in a barrel on hot day.

Stay tuned for March.