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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 12.15.08

Are we in store for a switcheroo? RUMORS say Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting is about to get a bait and switch. While Jerry is still RUMORED to torture Claudia by leaving clues (DVD’s are RUMORED to be popping up) linking the Mafia Princess to the shooting that landed Michael in a coma, Claudia MAY not be responsible after all. RUMOR has it that we will learn there was another hit placed on Sonny that night and it’s that shooter’s bullet that hit Michael.


Sam doing more apologizing? After her “dream”, Sam MAY be once again apologizing for watching Jake get kidnapped. We’re still hearing Jason saves the day by saving Sam but Lucky will be looking for her as well. The RUMBLE out there is that Sam misses a dinner date with Lucky.

Scrubs Wedding… Family moments and touching vows.

Spinelli and Maxie spread some holiday cheer. I feel like it’s been forever since we got treated to a holiday episode from the residents of Port Charles. There are RUMORS that Spinelli plays Santa’s helper and gives Monica some special specs that allow her to see Alan. The Q’s think Spinelli gifted Monica with some special brownies.

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Still hearing… Matt and Liz tested. Sonny vs. Jason is coming. Romantic New Years Eve episode but it does not include the only true coupling on GH, Scrubs. Why not? Most likely because they’ll be on their honeymoon. Sonny spends the holidays with Morgan.

Natalia’s Return… We all know Frons’ is dictating pairings in hope to boost ratings. Is he going to insist that Nikolas and Natalia’s new character be paired as well? RUMORS surrounding her return are all over the place from a Mob Princess to a Bowen relative who just happens to look like the departed Emily. We have to ASSUME that pairing these two will at least be teased but do we love Nikolas and Emily or Tyler and Natalia? The LATEST? Will Nikolas see his dead fiancé on TV? Doesn’t that sound a lot like Jax seeing Brenda?


Hospital Storyline… SHOULD kick off sometime in January. RUMORS have said bombs. Some say its GH being flooded with patients because of something happening.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Too many RUMORS, someone will be with child. The question is who? Carly and Jax reunite. Jason cuts a deal with Sasha. Patrick does something to help Sonny. Dante MAY have a familiar face. Sonny and Claudia consummate their marriage.