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Last Week's B&B: At Least Donna and Katie Weren't On

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At the rehearsal dinner for his wedding to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), things took a turn for the worse when Ridge (Ronn Moss) rushed in and broke the news of Phoebe’s death. Just an aside, but why would they even need a rehearsal – those two have been married half-a-dozen times before. What exactly needed rehearsing?

Thankfully, Ridge saying “Phoebe’s dead” was muted, and we were treated to an orchestral soundtrack as we saw the looks of shock and sadness on everyone’s faces. Or, in Marcus’s case, a look that said did I remember to put my pants on?

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Ridge visited the mortuary to say their last goodbyes to Curly Sue. For once, I was hoping Phoebe would liven up proceedings and burst into song. As things transpired, it was grief, grief and more grief, culminating in Steffy standing on a balcony wailing. Fun stuff. I can appreciate a good soap death as much as anyone else, but this was all rather silly.

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Stephanie discovered that Rick (Kyle Lowder) was driving over the speed limit and Phoebe wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. As usual, she was eager to lay the blame with a Logan. To be fair to the old battleaxe, it didn’t look good for Rick. However, as he explained to Brooke, it was an accident. Kudos to the actors for rising above what looked like a hastily thrown-together “shock” storyline. Brooke and Stephanie’s inevitable showdown was a highlight in a very strange week. Katherine Kelly Lang and Susan Flannery always steal the show with their scenes together.


Given Hunter Tylo's personal circumstances, it was hard to watch Taylor learn of Phoebe’s death and try to come to terms with it. Visiting the crash site with Ridge was touching, but it was her talk with Rick that got me. Having made the DC Top 10 Worst Couples list, I don’t think that I’m speaking for everybody (someone, please, tell me I’m not crazy) when I say that I love Rick and Taylor together. For me at least, they had great chemistry and he had respect for her (until that awful last-minute plot-device break up where she virtually threw baby Jack at Brooke). It was a welcome surprise that Taylor was grateful Rick was unharmed. When they first got together, I thought it stunk of a “filler” couple, a quick May/December fling. In the end, they won me over and I hope these two can find their way back to each other. I’ll take my medication now.

Of course Brooke and Ridge faced more angst, but by this point who cares? Fifteen years ago, maybe. Ten perhaps... but now? Just get married and then shut up about it, please. As much as I don’t want anyone lumbered with that schmuck Ridge, pairing these two off once and for all might end this unrelenting “love story”. If every other relationship Brooke has is going to be marred by her sickening obsession with Ridge, then fine – stick them together and spare me the constant disappointment of Brooke never growing or moving on. It’s getting old.