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DC #334: ABC Stripper With A Heart of Gold

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Belinda and Regan discuss the latest news from All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live including...


Former Guiding Light star Crystal Huntjoining One Life to Live as a stripper. Scott Clifton and One Tree Hill's Brett Claywell coming to Llanview. Tonya Walker returns as Alex Olanov and Kamar de los Reyes's plans to leave One Life to Live.

Natalia Livingston returns to General Hospital as a new character. Who might she paired with and what might her storylines be? Maurice Bernard re-signs his contract, what does this mean for Sonny and the viewers? Word has it that General Hospital may flash forward in time. Can pretty much anyone get cut and it be blamed on the economy?

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All My Children's Jake gets harsh with Amanda but does it make sense? Does Taylor have better chemistry with Brott or Frankie? Is the show trying to force to many pairings and not letting magic happen organically?

All this and more on today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential.

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