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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved the Lucky/Luke scene. These two are always great together, but so rarely get scenes. It's nice to see them out of the bumbling idiot cop and wacky hijinx lug we so often see.

I loved the Luke/Alexis scene. They haven't shared time together in a while either.

I'm so tired of Sonny's tiresome woe is me, Jason is being mean to me crap that he's constantly pulling. Why he thinks he could treat Jason like dirt for years and not expect Jason to get tired of it is beyond me. I hate when Sonny makes me defend Jason.

Memo to Jason: the nice Fed guy just offered you a giant Christmas present with a big red bow on it. Take it.

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Loved that Maxie pointed out that Johnny should pay part of the rent, but I hated that Lulu is too stupid to see it. Even Johnny agreed to it. But no, ShrewLu had to get all snarky. Again.

While I appreciated Sonny pulling one over on Anthony by having Claudia stay in the room, I was annoyed by Claudia's thank you afterwards. Like she's getting crumbs from this guy and that's fine by her. UGH.

Why would Alexis meet with Sasha at night, in the dark, on the dangerous piers? And she's all, "I just have to press a button and the police will be here". Well sure, but you'll be dead before they get there. I know it was so that Sam could overhear, but still.

And Sam, why stick around to make the phone call and subsequently get caught? She's not really good at this whole cloak and dagger that she claims to love so much.