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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I like that we’ve seen Luke with other characters, these past couple of days, in places other than Mexican bars.

I liked the Jax/Luke scene with a little Olivia thrown in and was annoyed when Sonny showed up and ordered them to leave so he could talk to Luke. However, I liked the Sonny/Luke scene as both actors always seem to work well together. And I got a laugh out of MB’s reaction when Tracy walked in and Luke started faking drunk. That seemed like a genuine laugh from MB.

I kind of like Jax and Olivia together. I could see them as a couple, if the writers take a couple of minutes to explain why she’s still living in town.

I wish Spinelli would tell Maxie how he feels about her, and I wish she would understand what he’s saying instead of seeing it as him being ‘nice’ to her. And I hate that we’re only two days into this living arrangement and already Maxie and Johnny have run into each other, half naked, with longing looks. I DO NOT want a Maxie/Johnny hook up. For one, it would hurt Spinelli way too much and for two, I don’t want to listen to Lulu’s shrieking about it. Also, they’re painting Johnny as this really nice guy who has serious feelings for Lulu, so for him to hurt her like that would be terrible, even if I don’t like Lulu.

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Sam: OY. What can I say? I’m just going to leave it at that!

Jason/Claudia: That whole thing about how Sonny didn’t move against the Russians while they had Jake, so Jason should be grateful was such a load of crap. Sonny’s the one who set everything in motion with Karpov’s death, that caused Jake to be grabbed in the first place. Ugh. Claudia’s beginning to drink the kool aid and share a brain with Sonny and that’s starting to bother me.