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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.16.08


We mentioned Claudia telling Jason it's too late for he and Sonny to kiss and makeup. Why is that conversation taking place? Jason goes to Sonny with the heads up about the feds and the offer they made Jason. When he gets to Greystone, Mrs. Corinthos is there and offers her insight to her hubby's former friend and partner.

Loved the random Alexis and Luke scene yesterday? I did and it made me think about the random Luke and Sonny scenes we're treated to sometimes. Well we SHOULD be getting one of those, possibly today. Now that Sonny runs the Zacchara organization, the Haunted Star has the clear to open back up.

When Natalia returns would you buy a love triangle between Nadine, Nikolas and Natty's new character?
Would Nadine even stand a chance?

RANDOM RUMOR... I'm not attaching CRAZY to it just yet. RUMOR has it there is yet another Federal Agent coming to town. He's said to be younger. Is this the casting call that went out for a 20-ish male? Here's where it starts to get a little CRAZY but really I find it to be more annoying. One of the RUMBLES attached to this is that this agent COULD be attached to Sonny through one of Sonny's past flames. COULD this be Dante? Hang in here with me... Remember there was an OLD DROP that Dante's profession is opposite that of his father. At that time, some SUGGESTED he was a priest. What if he was a cop? NOW, this agent is RUMORED to appear mid-January and the latest on Dante is that he won't appear until February. Don't forget, there was also some TALK that when Dante hits town, we won't necessarily know it's him and he MAY not be seen by all of PC. We're still hearing there is a familiar face attached to the role of Dante.

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Maxie's afraid something horrible is going to happen on Robin and Patrick's wedding day. Can you blame her? The last two weddings she attended ended in a bullet wound and an emergency birth.

Still hearing... that Maxie and Lulu get a hot neighbor. The boys will not be happy about it.

Christmas Eppy... Scorpio family dinner minus Maxie who will be with Spinelli spreading the holiday cheer. Carly and Jax and some mistletoe. Once Jax leaves, Sonny, Carly and Morgan SHOULD be spending some time together.

Are Johnny and Lulu possibly getting engaged?
That's a RUMOR out there. What about Luke and Tracy? Will they stay together or split up? It looks like the couple does in fact stay together and they MAY even be having a little wedding of their own.


Redemption Song... We saw it with Sam as she made her amends by saving Jake. Are we going to see it with Claudia? Is this the whole purpose of bringing Jerry Jacks back? It APPEARS that the blame MAY rest on Jerry's shoulders which will take the heat off of Claudia and her role in Michael's shooting. We've had questions as to how Claudia's shooter, Ian Devlin, isn't the shooter and how Jerry has all this DVD evidence. I'm not 100% clear on that but if Jerry was the mastermind the whole time, he would be the one holding the strings and everyone else could be his puppet.