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SAG Urges Members to Vote For Strike

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Coming on the heals of last years Writers Strike, the Screen Actors Guild is urging its members to vote for a strike that would halt production of films and most scripted network TV shows, according to USA Today.


Reportedly, the union wants better royalty payments on DVDs and content streamed on the Internet. If SAG gets 75 percent of its members to vote in favor of the strike the Oscar telecast would be one of the first targets. Some readers remember, how during the Writers Strike last year, the Golden Globes ended up being nothing more than a press conference to read off the names of the winners. Imagine if the same happened to the Oscars. This year the Golden Globes and the SAG awards would all air before the planned vote.

According to the article, network TV shows covered under AFTRA and cable series covered under AFTRA would be excluded from the strike. 

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