Skip to main content Confirms Livingston's Return has confirmed what we have been telling y'all since Lassie was a pup, Natalia Livingstonis indeed returning to General Hospital. The former Emily Bowen Quartermaine will be playing a new character named Rebecca.


I always liked Livingston's classic, romantic novel heroine take on Emily and am glad to see her back. I just hope TPTB don't decide to toss the amazing Claire Coffee (Nadine) to the wolves, er Russians, now that they have an Emily lookalike back for Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). Oh and by the by, what in high hell was the point of killing Alan (Stuart Damon) and Emily only to keep bringing them back? Now that the soaps are in ratings freefall, will Damon return as Alan's long lost cousin next Sweeps? Is Billy Warlock on his way to town as a new member of the Zucchini family? Oy vey.

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