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A Horton Family Christmas Without Alice?

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Although not officially confirmed, it appears that Days of Our Lives' most loved veteran Frances Reid (Alice Horton) will not be appearing in the Horton Family Christmas scenes this year. There have not been any reports of ill health, but the actress did just celebrate her 94th birthday.

Much to the fans' disappointment, Ms. Reid has not been able to be on set for filming of any scenes in 2008, making it the first year she has not appeared onscreen at all. The last time viewers saw her was in the following YouTube clip for the Horton Family Christmas in 2007.

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On behalf of Daytime Confidential I'd like to belatedly wish Ms. Reid a Happy 94th Birthday and sincerely hope that she will be able to appear on Days of Our Lives in 2009.

EDIT: This post has caused some confusion that I'd like to apologize for and clear up now - in no way did I mean to imply that Ms. Reid's non-appearance is due to a decision by Days' management not to have her there. As far as I know, Days does everything they can to get Ms. Reid onscreen; the fact that she is not appearing this year indicates she is simply not able to, and although there are no reports of illness, we hope there is nothing wrong and that she'll be able to be onscreen in 2009.