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General Hospital: Perkie's Year In Review, March

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Patrick: Jason, you’ll need several extensive surgeries to fix your hands from that car accident with Deigo. But don’t worry, you’ll only be gone a day and you won’t need bandages, but you’ll get really cool black leather thingys to wear.

Patrick: Kate, you have a serious heart ailment caused by being shot in the heart. But don’t worry, you’ll recover from it in a couple of days and it will never be mentioned again, including the next time you’re shot.

Patrick: Nikolas, we’re going to remove your brain tumor, otherwise known as Emily, but don’t worry, you’ll be up and about in 2 days with only a teeny tiny bandaid on your neck.

Robin: You’re my baby daddy.

Patrick: SHUT UP.

Robin: No, you shut up.

Everyday Heroes: Are you out of your coma?

Sam: Yes.

EH: You’re fired, but have a nice life.

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Sonny: I have absolutely no proof that the Zachara’s shot Kate and stole Micheal, and yet, I’m going to kidnap Johnny because finding out the actual truth would take up too much of my valuable time. It’s not like I have anything better to do, like find my son myself.

Tracy: You hit Sam with your car while you were drunk.

Monica: I such did no thing…hiccup…I’m not…..hiccup…..drunk…..there’s a squirrel….drunk….hiccup.

Tracy: You need rehab. It will only be 30 days, even though it will feel like about 4 months.

Everybody: Let’s all go down to the waterfront pier where none of us belongs and then get caught in a giant explosion.

**March was a busy month, and I had to stop somewhere, so the fallout from the explosion will have to be explored in April**

Stay tuned for April…..