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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.17.08


Natalia News! Everyone wants to know who will Rebecca be? We know she's a "bad girl" but will she be a Russian Mob Princess, a Bowen or someone else entirely? The latest RUMOR says Rebecca MAY be a model and that COULD be why the interview with Natalia, Tyler and Laura took place on the Crimson set. Here's a twist to the story... will Natalia's new character, Rebecca, be part of the Jax - Nikolas feud? There have been RUMORS that Jax makes another move against the Prince but nothing clear cut had been reported. NOW, we're hearing what COULD be Fanfic but I'm going to spill it anyways as it goes along with Rebecca being a model at Crimson. What if Jax hired a model that looked just like Nikolas' dead fiance to mess with his head? Too cruel for Jax?

LuSam Fans... They aren't dead in the water, yet. They'll share a kiss at the hospital but they'll also be sharing a difference of opinions as Sam will still be involved in the mob storyline. One RUMOR even suggests that in the new year we'll possibly see a new quad of sorts.

Claudia and Sonny and Ric? RUMOR has it that Sonny and Claudia are hitting the sheets but we've also heard that Clic MAY be doing it as well. Is this the beginning of a "who's the daddy" storyline? Will Mrs. Corinthos spill the "we did it" beans to Kate?

Carly and Jax... Carly's a drug that Jax can't seem to quit.

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Dante, Dante, Dante... More calls to Olivia's son. More of Dante wanting to come to Port Charles to check in on his mom.

Remember to check the comments, here is what you may have missed yesterday:

In more SCOOP related news... I missed last weeks Suds Report but caught up on it today. In it, Nelson scooped that Senta Moses (GREEK- she played Lizzi the sister brought in to help get the house back on track) will be making an appearance on GH. Way to keep it all in the family ABC! We did some digging to see who Senta will be playing as those of you who have seen her on GREEK (she also appeared on BONES) know she plays kooky/nerd very well.... so of course GH is capitalizing on that and they have her playing a computer geek opposite of Spinelli. So far it looks like she'll be on a handful of episodes and MY GUESS is that she MAY be behind Spinelli's files getting copied yesterday. Her name SHOULD be Winifred.


There was a casting call out for a 17 year old male. Is this the SORAS'd Michael Corinthos III? Could be. The RUMOR MILL had suggested that moving the Michael story up, much earlier than anticipated, was due to casting difficulties for the role of Dante.

Robert's back on December 22nd. According to the SOD I found in my mailbox this AM, he will have scenes with Luke.