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Leverage, The Best New Show of the Midseason

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If you aren't watching TNT's new show Leverage you should be. It's like watching Ocean's Eleven on a weekly basis. Much like Ocean's Eleven, Leverage oozes with charm, smart dialogue and unexpected twists. (Watch the first two episodes of Leverage at Check out a trailer after the jump!


The basic premise of Leverage is a group of thieves come together to rob from the rich and guilty and give to those in need.  Each thief has a speciality and prior to coming together would never work with another thief.

Leverage also has a special treat for fans of British television, Gina Bellman. For those who may not know who she is, Gina Bellman was one of the stars of the Friends styled sex comedy Coupling, the awesome British comedy. She also starred in Jekyll opposite of James Nesbitt, one of Britain's noted actors. There are a host of reasons to watch Leverage but if you enjoy TNT's Saving Grace and The Closer you are going to want to check out Leverage.

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Oh, and in case you aren't a British TV fan and I haven't convinced you to watch Leverage yet, might having Oscar winning actor Timothy Hutton as the star convince you to tune in? Hopefully it will.