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Several industry insiders have come forward to tell the truth and shame the devils who are killing this industry we all love. To protect the innocent and cause panic for the guilty I've decided to run these little tid bits as blind items. Just keep paying attention in the coming weeks and months and like my grandmother used to say, it will all come out in the wash!


*Fans of this soap won't have to worry about a certain villainous character monopolizing airtime like he or she did in the past. The character is only being brought back long enough to be killed off once and for all, however don't be surprised if part of this controversial character "lives on". Think: The Bold and the Beautiful's Storm Logan.

*We hear a particular soap vixen isn't happy that the popular pairing she's currently in is being scrapped so she can be paired again with a former leading man. The actress in question realizes she will get more airtime with her former lead, however she is enjoying working with her current onscreen beau. With at least three of the actors in this quadrangle unhappy,  will the network rethink their strategy? 

*The upcoming exit of a popular soap character and the actress who plays her could result in a.) the character's iconic former love returning to escort her off the canvas. b.) the character being presumed dead in a very deja vu manner or c.) the character being killed off for real.

*For the first time in over a decade that one actress has been on her soap, she is seriously considering leaving to pursue primetime and film, due to her frustration over her storyline. This trooper, who has rarely spoken out about a storyline, isn't the only one thinking of jetting. Her wildly popular leading man is also said to be thisclose to not re-upping once his contract his up. Many fear this could send the show, which has been largely written around the actor for years, into a ratings freefall. 

"They wouldn't have to worry about things like this, if they still wrote soaps as ensemble pieces!" one insider gripes. 

*An Emmy-winning actress is said to be screaming for a better storyline, however setsiders say the diva is her on worst enemy. Her obnoxious behavior and penchant for changing scripts is generally considered before her talent in terms of story distribution. It doesn't help that the cast can't stand her.

*Reports that have one West Coast heartthrob on his way out could be premature.

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*Sources close to the brass at one soap are saying don't believe the ratings hype. The soap has two to three years on the air at best. Look for a small handfull of the show's big names characters and actors to be spun off to the remaining soaps if this happens.

*While one actress who was plucked from another soap is struggling to find her footing onscreen and off, another actress, brought on in a recurring role, is said to be impressing the brass so much she will be offered a contract any day.

*Several execs and writers are saying they're fed up with actors who have been allowed to let their backstage sexual antics dictate storylines over the years.

"This has always been a part of daytime, or all of television for that matter, but with the industry dying, people can't afford to keep breaking up couples who are working because the actors are no longer doing it!" says a source.  

*Two high-profile writers at one struggling soap are said to be majorly frustrated over the fact that every storyline they pitch tends to be rejected by the network brass. Big name actors on the soap are said to be just as angry, which could lead to a mass exodus the soap might not be able to recover from.

*A head writer who achieved mad acclaim in recent years is said to be booted sooner rather than later. The Emmy-winning writer will be offered the chance to take a demotion to either script writer or a breakdown position. If he or she doesn't accept, they will simply be shown the door.

*Don't expect this soap opera to ever be a training ground for new talent again if the show's executive producer (Who has jumped from soap-to-soap-to-soap) has anything to say about it. The exec, known for recycling campy, over-the-top, 90's-era plots, is said to only be looking to bring on "names" in new roles. So much for a budget crunch. 

*One soap actress, who received much love and airtime from a head writer who has since been tossed, is said to still be walking around on set like royalty. From what we hear this actress is the Queen of Denial if she thinks the new execs and writers helming the soap she's on are going to keep putting up with her over-the-top shenanigans.

*The two daytime sudsers arguably in the most trouble in terms of cancellation talks are said to be in a fight to the death to sign a wildly popular actress who has already worked for both of the networks that air the soaps.

*Insiders are speculating that  it won't be long before executive-level bloodbaths currently sweeping through the rest of the entertainment industry has at least one  daytime chief looking for a job.  

"Hollywood is getting rid of a lot of the people who have screwed up the motion picture and primetime television industries," says a source. "It won't be long before they start looking at daytime. They have to in this climate."