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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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My first thought today was, does Claudia realize she’s not glued to Sonny’s living room? She married him, moved in and hasn’t left yet. Then she finally left to go buy a tree, so that ended that thought! I hated that she threw her marital and familial weight around on that woman with the tree, even if the woman was being a biotch about the tree. I did like that Johnny told Claudia he’s not going back. Let’s hope he sticks to his guns because I’d rather see him try to make it as a car mechanic or something, rather than have him be a Jason or Sonny wannabe.

Also, after that story Claudia told Sonny about crazy Daddy destroying her doll house, who wants to put money down that Sonny will buy her one for Christmas, thereby making her fall for him?

Loved all the Scrubs goodness, especially all the wedding talk and the fact that they seemed to have toned down the “I’m a bad mommy” issues from Robin. Although I have to question why TIIC have that baby either sleeping or crying all the time. Two month old babies do coo and gibber-gabber on occasion.

Loved Alexis calling Sonny on his crap and telling him he’s a bad mobster and not the good mobster he likes to pretend he is. Also, holy cleavage Batman (on Alexis, not Sonny)!

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Here’s how little I’ve been paying attention to the Nadine story, I thought Uncle What’s His Name was Aunt Raylene’s husband. Turns out he’s her brother. Who knew! And if Aunt Raylene had millions to give her loved ones, why are they living in some little dumpy house? Or did I miss that explanation when I was zoning out from the incredibly boring story?

Luke/Tracy: So, I’m guessing Tracy’s aware that he’s faking and somehow managed to convince Monica to go along with her plan to scare the pants off Luke. Good job. It’s time she turned the tables on him.