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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Huge things are blowing our way on The Young and the Restless. Make sure you get comfy when you read what's going down and set your DVRs and VCRs (people still have those?)!


Phyllis/Brad/Sharon: Red continues to weave her web for Brad to snare Sharon. Brad and Sharon celebrate New Years with each other and also have a special moment.

Nick: He makes a revelation to Sharon.

The former spouses sit down to talk about overseeing their children's trust funds. The duo are civil towards each other and have a close moment when Nikki shows Victor pictures of Summer's birthday. Nikki attempts to find out once again what went down in Mexico but Victor blows up on her. Victor is still pissed at Nikki for going down there and she's also a constant reminder of what really happened down there. From what's being written, Nikki's sort of Victor's conscience of what took place in Mexico. Meanwhile Victor gets an unexpected visitor at the jail-the bartender at the Mexican bar he frequented along with his little girl. The man lets Victor know that he's going to keep his secret on what really happened. Seems like the bartender and his daughter know little snippets of what really happened and if the policy piece it all together it may look like Victor is a killer.

Victor gets another little treat, he spots Adam in jail also! Adam tries to offer Victor a sweetheart deal, he'll snitch on Jack if Victor makes the charges against Adam disappear. The deal may be too little too late for Victor's youngest son, he lets Adam know that there's no deal and he wants him to serve time for his part in the diary!

Victor gets sprung from jail and his taken aback when he sees Ashley at the ranch who informs him that she's now living at the ranch. Victor attempts to tell Ashley what really took place in Mexico but she stops him from telling her all the details of what really happened. Deep down Ashley knows what went on but doesn't need to know the entire details of it. When Ashley leaves, Victor has a flashback of the events in Mexico where fans will finally see what occurred and it will be shocking. When Paul comes back from Mexico, he lets Heather know he has concrete proof against Adam. Later on Paul catches up with Nikki and wants to talk about their new found relationship and wants her to label it.

Neil: Mr. Winters makes a choice that affects his family's future.

He makes a startling discovery.

Gloworm's finally charged when Jack comes in and rips into her. If its not enough that she's in hot water for the Jabot cream scandal, she attempts to use Katherine's memory lapse. Rumor has it that she and Kay end up in the same jail cell!

Katherine: She makes a shocking revelation.. She realizes she's not Marge but is THE Katherine Chancellor. Kay's still living as Marge and as Christmas nears, she and Murphy keep getting close. They both have holiday surprises for the other. While this is going on, Katherine's family and friends are still trying to cope with her death and not being with her for the holidays. Jill and Esther receive gifts that Katherine sent before she, "passed away." This little deed allows the bitter enemies to have a close moment, they become closer when Jill decides to have a little Christmas part at a homeless shelter for the kids there.

Amber still feels as though Kevin was involved with Kay's, "death," to the point that she dreams of Kevin standing trial for Katherine's murder with the grand dame herself rising from the dead to bust Kevin for doping her! While outside Murphy's place, Katherine slips and bumps her head on the ice which brings back her memories. When Murphy finds her knocked out on the ice, Kay comes to and starts to become unnerved about taking a trip to the doctor and blurts out that she is Katherine Chancellor! There's going to be some more surprises in stored once Katherine returns back to her normal life.

Jill: When Kay decides to break into her own home, Jill has her arrested.

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Billy/Lily: Lily finally gets a clue that Billy's really Sonny Crawford, her online guy. When she finds out she's pissed at him in the beginning but, Billy tells her he kept quiet because she appears to be in love with Cane. Lily does forgive him for his duplicity.

: The fashionista's friend Camille comes to Genoa City and promptly blackmails her

Casting News:

Look for her first air date to be Jan 29.

Brad: Fans of his break out your hankies during Feb Sweeps. That's when he's sched to meet his maker.

Vail Bloom's status: From what's going down, she's under contract negotiations with Y&R. Rumor has it, that while this is going down Heather will be off the canvas for a bit.

Chis Engen: The talks are the same for him, he's gone.

Michael Gross:
The reason for his departure was a dispute with money. Rumors are buzzing that River may be recast.

Lauralee Bell
:  Rumor has it that she's no longer coming back. There was a little hitch in her return so its off. Now the craziest thing that's being said is that they may recast the role.... I seriously doubt that but hey! They did with Ashley and Jack back in the day.

What's to come in 2009:

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/Brad: The schemes are going to keep on rolling with Phyllis as part of her quest to keep Nick and Sharon apart. A stunning turn of events rocks the four people involved. Nick and Sharon are going to have their hands full with Noah in the New Year.

Abby: Don't expect the youngest child of Victor's to be all sunshine and light. She's going to be a little troublemaker. If Victor thought he had a second chance at parenthood, think again! He and Abby are going to be at odds.

Not a fan of hers but hell her Jabot takeover was F.I.E.R.C.E!! Seems as though her helm at Jabot may not be a long one. Jack is fed up being in the shadows and is going to take legal action that bars him from being back at the family company.

: This quad's going to get a bit hot and complicated in the New Year. Cane and Lily's relationship can be rekindled now that Billy is aware that he not his brother is the father of Chloe's child however, Billy's feelings for Lily are in the way. Billy's feelings for her have intensified and Lily herself is starting to have strong feelings for Billy as well. Chloe's feelings for Billy will become a bit more clear, there's going to be a shocking surge of emotions that will touch the future of the quad..

The grand dame of Genoa City will be guns blazing when she regains her life back. Kay's going to be fighting like hell to show she's really who she says she is while daughter Jill keeps maintaining that she's not.

She has more skeletons that will bust out of her closet. Her family's world will be in utter chaos. Meanwhile don't think she's down for the count with her arrest. (DAMN!)