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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.19.08


Scrubs Wedding... Anna is the Maid of Honor. Good, soapy, romantic wedding. Emma is not there to see her parents get married.

Spinelli is Santa's helper when Kris Kringle loses his list. Monica is reunited with Alan and Robin is a mother who can calm her own child.

Christmas Eve Repeat... It's last year's Christmas episode.

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Push and Pull, Push and Pull... Can the CarJax fans take much more? The pair will be caught under the mistletoe and Jax will be there for Carly on Michael's birthday.

Is Winifred going to be a love interest for Spinelli? The computer geeks SHOULD be at odds as it MAY be Wini who swiped Spin's files but SHOULD they hit it off, I wouldn't be surprised to see Winifred sticking around Port Charles.

Natalia... We mentioned her new character, Rebecca, possibly being a model for Crimson. The LATEST RUMOR out there is that Natty's first scenes back are with her former co-star Tyler Christopher and Kirsten Storms

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Now that Claudia married Sonny does anyone think they'll still try for an Olivia - Sonny pairing? Here's a CRAZY RUMOR but it's been out there for a few days so we'll spill it, are Jason and Olivia going to be tested? There's some TALK of a kiss between the two after a heart to heart. Is Nikolas giving Johnny a job? The hospital crisis SHOULD be bringing the Brothers Drake closer together. Is Alan dropping an "anvil" when Monica "sees" him?


It was a light morning in terms of SCOOP. Check the comments for updates and we can have a Q & A Day so ask away.