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The Queen Of Star Trek Is Gone

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Thursday morning at 12:27 am sc-fi fans accross the world lost one of their most beloved.  Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, passed away after a battling leukemia at the age of 76.


Most well known for her portrayal as the voice of the Enterprise computer, Barrett-Roddenberry's Trek roots go all the way back to the beginning.  She played the original first office in an unaired pilot.  Then she was the ever popular Nurse Christine Chapel on The Original Series. She then appeared in various projects of her husbands between TOS and the movies.  

Then in Star Trek: The Next Generation she again played the ship's computer as well as the role of Lwaxana Troi.  Here she portrayed the man hungry mother of Deanna Troi, with her sights seemingly always set on Patrick Stewart's straight laced Jean-Luc Picard.  Both of these roles she would conintue with through out Star Trek Deep Space Nine as well as Voyager.

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In addition to her Trek roles she had worked on Bonanza, Babylon 5, The Untouchables, Leave it to Beaver, Spider-Man The Animated Series and General Hospital

As well as acting she also became a producer after husband Gene passed away.  She would go to create and produce Earth: Final Conflict and the Kevin Sorbo vehicle Andromeda.JJ Abrams had also recently announced that she would be once again playing the role of the Enterprise computer in his upcoming Star Trek reboot.  At this time it is not known for sure if she had completed this voice over work or not.

On a personal note, as a long time Trek fan, as well as many of the other things that she has worked on I will miss her.  My heartfelt condolences go out to the rest of the Roddenberry family.  I can only hope that some of the ideas that Majel and Gene put on screen are still relevant and that some of their visions of the future are still worth striving for.