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Wishful Casting: Diego Serrano as Antonio Vega

As sorry as I will be to see talented actor Kamar de los Reyes vacate the role of Antonio Vega on One Life to Live, I would hate to see the recently-revitalized Vega clan or Antonio's red hot, interracial romance with Thalia (BethAnn Bonner) sacrificed. So to prevent that from happening, I am offering up a perfectly caliente solution to the Antonio Conundrum– Diego Serrano.


Serrano shot to soapy fame as Tomas, the foster son of John and Sharlene Hudson on Another World in the mid-90's. He was well on his way to achieving teen supercouple status on AW before leading lady Robin Griggs' (ex-Maggie Cory) real life friendship with the man who was once attached to the peter Lorena Bobbit sliced and diced, allegedly got her tossed from the NBC soap. Ah, those P&G moralists and their pitch forks!

Serrano later turned up on The Young and the Restless, where he originated the role of Diego, Raul (David Lago)'s older brother who later gave Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) a little Latin lovin' in the back room at Crimson Lights. Although by the time Diego did the do with Nick's randy wifey the role was being played by a post-Charmed, pre-LuSam Greg Vaughan

Serrano would be a near perfect recast for de los Reyes. They both have the whole sensual, Like Water for Chocolate-meets-Cruz Castillo-inspired, Latino heartthrob thing working for them, plus Serrano long ago ditched that Rico Suave hairstyle he was attempting to pull off back when MTV still played videos. So come on Mr. Valentini, whaddya say? Viva Los Vegas!

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